Very Special Cognac

Best cognac! By Misel Toma... — a year ago


Gold Cognac Moscato Liqueur

Great taste. Not too sweet or too strong. Great after work drink. — 4 years ago


VSOP Cognac

"everybody sing it now..." — 6 years ago

Rémy Martin

V.S.O.P. Champagne Cognac

This was snuck into a blind rum tasting... surprising how many similarities it has to rums. Smell: Fruity, bright, some nutmeg. Taste: Earthy, baking spice, black pepper, super dry. I didn't realize I liked this as much. Courvoisier still sucks. — 6 years ago


Le Cognac de Napoleon VS Cognac

40 years stored. — 2 years ago

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VSOP Fine Champagne Cognac

Likely a 20-30 year old bottle. Drinking fine. — 4 years ago

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XO Imperial Cognac Ugni Blanc

In the bitter cold and snow, the best word for this XO is "elixir". Magical medicine for a budding cold, orange rind and apricot, burnt almond. Aren't enough O's in "smooth" for this stuff. — 6 years ago

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Domaine Cyril Courvoisier

Rochette Saint-Peray Marsanne Roussanne 2017

Robe très claire
Nez sur l amande amère et herbacée
Bouche dense et une certaine fraîcheur apportée par une belle amertume
— 3 years ago

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VS Cognac

Excellent in our favorite New York Peppercorn steak recipe. — 6 years ago


Le Cognac de Napoleon V.S.O.P.

Smooth sweet and cheap — 6 years ago