Chester County, Pennsylvania



This is a mid Atlantic all star red blend of a boatload of uncommon European grapes. A little pricey but well worth the experience. — a year ago

Chester Gap Cellars

Vintner's Red Red Bordeaux Blend 2012

It's gotten better with age. A nice smooth blend. — 3 years ago

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Va La Vineyards

Zafferano White Petit Manseng Blend

It's back! Deep, vivid coppery orange in the glass. Nose a bit shy, but yields honey and magnolia blossom. Firm backbone of acidity with a bit of a tingle on the tongue greets on the palate. Flavors match the aromas adding blood orange and white pepper. Gentle (medium minus) tannins assert on the finish. Everything well integrated, including the alcohol in this big white. Definitely cries out for food: chicken and mushroom (see: Chester County, PA) pot pie was a natural. Another triumph by Anthony Vietri. — 4 years ago

Galer Estate Vineyard & Winery

Rosé Blend 2015

Very good. Nice an oaky. — 2 years ago

Adams County Winery

Tears of Gettysburg The Historic Gettysburg Collection

This wine is a combination of Seyval, Vidal, and Niagara. This award winning sweet blend has been their hallmark wine since 1988. The pleasantly bold Niagara character gives way to subtle notes of pear and honeysuckle. Tears of Gettysburg is one of Adams County winery's Historic Gettysburg Collection wines. — 3 years ago


Vandenberg Riesling 2013

I had this at Kali in Los Angeles, where sommelier Drew Langley watches over an immaculately curated wine list. Does "Summer of Riesling" do it for you? It does for me, especially when they are such good examples. My wife had a Kabinett, but I had this Vandenberg example from Santa Barbara County. They listed it as "dry and medium bodied," which is good advice for a Riesling. This one, though, has a nice touch of petrol - I mean why order Riesling unless it has that? - along with extreme minerality and a muted citrus note. Paired it with the Niçoise salad to great effect. Also a hit with the wife's roast pork, Pennsylvania native that she is. — 4 years ago

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Adams County Winery

Pennsylvania Rebel Red Blend

A fruity, semi-sweet red wine. Pairs well with anything. Rebel Red is one of Adams County winery's Historic Gettysburg Collection wines. — 3 years ago

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La Casa Narcisi

Stella Red Bordeaux Blend


2015 vintage very peppery a good year — 4 years ago

Lisa Ewing
with Lisa


Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon

In Chester Springs, PA good vintage and goes well with veal saltimbocca — 4 years ago