Chester County, Pennsylvania

Bedrock Wine Co.

Staves of Waidhofen Sauvignon Blanc

Lovely News Years traditional Pennsylvania Dutch meal of pork sausage, sauerkraut, and creamy mashed potatoes….and Morgan’s barrel fermented Sauvignon Blanc is rocking. Bone dry, fragrant, and medium weight stone fruit with impressive balance. Lively acidity with a deft touch on the oak…this wine is a near perfect match with the pork snd carb fest. Happy New Years Vinous posters. — 6 months ago

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Adams County Winery

Tears of Gettysburg The Historic Gettysburg Collection

This wine is a combination of Seyval, Vidal, and Niagara. This award winning sweet blend has been their hallmark wine since 1988. The pleasantly bold Niagara character gives way to subtle notes of pear and honeysuckle. Tears of Gettysburg is one of Adams County winery's Historic Gettysburg Collection wines. — 5 years ago


Chester County Arneis 2015

Hidden gem small family winery. Hints of cucumber and light floral. Light crisp cucumber green grapes and mineral on the palate. Tiny bit of effervescence and butter for smoothness. Not as amazing as their Chardonnay but a solid choice. — 7 months ago



This is a mid Atlantic all star red blend of a boatload of uncommon European grapes. A little pricey but well worth the experience. — 3 years ago

Adams County Winery

Pennsylvania Rebel Red Blend

A fruity, semi-sweet red wine. Pairs well with anything. Rebel Red is one of Adams County winery's Historic Gettysburg Collection wines. — 5 years ago

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Chester Gap Cellars

Virginia Merlot 2014

Simply one of the finest Merlot vineyards in the state… Tremendous drainage and aspect at elevation… Massive phenolic capacity tempered by 30+ months in barrel. A true terroir spot in Rappahannock county — 2 years ago

Va La Vineyards

Cedar Home Vineyard Corvina

The best Nebbiolo outside of Italy I’ve had. Aromatic and earthy, with wild mushrooms, cherries, flowers, cloves and cinnamon. The texture is just fantastic, velvety on the attack linearly giving way to bright cherry cola on the finish. Precise and linear, this is just a stellar wine. — 3 years ago

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