Catoctin Creek

Catoctin Creek

Hand Crafted Small Batch Roundstone Rye Whisky

Delicious! Mildy buttery but not over-the-top. Fruity, slightly sweet, spicy. Warm after glow. — 2 years ago

Byrd Vineyards

Estate Bottled Catoctin Cabernet Sauvignon 1983

Andrew Stover

1983 Byrd Cabernet Sauvignon, Catoctin, Maryland. #mdwine Such a find and thank you Tony Quinn for bringing to dinner. Not often I try a wine from a winery that no longer exists. A nose of bright tomato and herbs--almost basil like. Fruit notes of dried cherry and cranberry. Lots of bottle age notes of leather, forest floor and soy sauce. Very soft and silky finish. The wine held very well. Alas the winery is long gone. What a treat! #wine #sommelier #cabernet — 9 years ago

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It's not Frederick Cellars....It's Byrd. Even though Byrd is closed, it's still Byrd.!

Catoctin Creek

Roundstone Rye Whisky

This made right down the road from my house, and it is an awesome. Excellent, smooth taste. Makes a great Manhattan. When in Virginia... — 4 years ago

Stone Tower Winery

Catoctin Ridge Rosé Blend 2013

Stone Tower rosé - virginia - 2013 — 10 years ago

Catoctin Creek

Petit Verdot 2011

Spicy black fruit nose, light in body and in flavor for a PV, but that is just a result of the crappy 2011 vintage. Sweet fruit attack, tacid is in balance, fine tannins. — 10 years ago

Catoctin Breeze Vineyard

Maryland Syrah 2016

There is something really fascinating yet mysteriously about this 100% Syrah build. The candied nature of the ripe plums is seemingly out of balance… It’s like it’s almost too good to be true. I’m not sure what was done in the cellar but this is a consistent taste profile from this wine maker… Cab Franc place the same tune… And mysterious taste up here with his Chardonnay as well. i’m not saying these are flaws, it’s just remarkable how much Ripe and Rich character is extracted yet with such aromatic sweetness.  very nice to drink with our meal… Just need to do a little more research on how it got to this form factor. Paired with Provencially seasoned (lavender) sausages & peppers. I think what I have a hard time believing is that this tiny block of Western Maryland Syrah Can find a niche between Australian and Washington state profiles… It was that BIG !?! — 4 years ago

Catoctin Breeze Vineyard

Maryland Cabernet Franc 2013

Wow. So well balanced, such smooth finish. — 7 years ago

Catoctin Creek

Meritage Blend 2010

This wine has a very dark nose with a hint of licorice, spicy plums, and vanilla. Vanilla and cedar notes in the mid-palate. A very pleasant wine with smooth tannins. — 10 years ago