Vigna‘ngena Vermentino di Gallura 2017

Одуванчик, огурец, кервель, яблоневый цвет, нарцисс, мякоть грейпфрута, лайм, зелёное яблоко. Вкус - цитрусово-минеральный. Очень освежающее, гармоничное. Кислотность - выше средней. В послевкусии - горьковатые нотки грейпфрута. Очень интересно и симпатично. — 2 months ago

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Albóri di Làmpata 2010

(16.5/20) В.аромате вишня, слива, ваниль, шоколад. Хорошо сбалансированное вино с долгим послевкусием. — 4 years ago

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VT Due Mila Nove

Full bodied but will acidity still shining through. — 5 years ago


Vigna'ngena Vermentino Di Gallura

a “highest level” expression of one of the most underrated Italian white wines. wonderful regional pairing with pesto tonight. — 4 months ago


Assajé Carignan

We found this wine when on holiday on Sicily. It is smooth, strong, and very well balanced. — 2 years ago


Assajé Isola dei Nuraghi IGT Carignane

Full flavored and delicious — 5 years ago


Vermentino di Sardegna

Very good.... — 7 years ago

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Shar Isola dei Nuraghi Vermentino 2017

Sister brand to Capichera - Floral, fruit-driven, expressive. Hint of oak on the finish, this vermentino driven? wine really takes you on a journey as it opens up. Nice acidity with complex finish — 7 months ago


Isola dei Nuraghi IGT Vermentino

Ludmilla is upset that this isn't your boat wine vermentino. It's been in a barrel for years and is no longer bright and sparkling, but the mineral notes are covered with a touch of oak and finesse you do not see with this grape. Would suggest with food only. — 4 years ago


Mantènghja Isola dei Nuraghi Carignane

Con quello che costa... Ottimo! — 6 years ago