Domaine du Pech

Le Pech Abusé Buzet Red Bordeaux Blend 2014

Day 2. It’s glowing like a lava lamp. 👍🏻 — 7 months ago

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Domaine du Pech

La Badinerie du Pech

Brown sugar, blackberry, silky with a light but noticeable creeping acid, disapaites well brown sugar comes back some and turns grassy with some tea, slight grip with acid really rich purple — 3 years ago

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Baron d'Ardeuil

Buzet Merlot Blend 1996

Nice. Still growing. — 4 years ago

Château du Tauzia

Buzet Red Blend 2017

A juicy cab here. Still restrained, but the tannins are way in the background. A great accompaniment to evening snacks after a long walkabout in Paris during the day. Nice, also, reading on the bottle of the environment-positive steps taken in the production. — a year ago

Anita Beishuizen
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david sazi

Courege Longue Bouzet 2011

I never even heard of AOC Buzet much less had a Buzet before. I would have guessed it was a decent Bordeaux. Dark red in color with no flaws, the nose is blackberry and dark cherry. On the palate the wine is dry with tart tannins evident from the start to finish. Oak, cedar, and tart fruit predominate with moderate acid pushing through from the middle to finish. — 3 years ago

Susan Cahoon
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Georges Vigouroux

Pretium Buzet Merlot Malbec

Nice little French table wine. 2014. — 4 years ago

Domaine de la Chapellanie

Buzet Red Blend 2016

Drink it all the same day! — 2 years ago

Vignerons de Buzet

Vignerons de Buzet Buzet L'excellence rosé

Favorite wine in the world? Smooth, rich, slightly fruity. — 2 years ago

Château Loustalet

Buzet 2015

Because Buzet is fun to say. And drink. — 3 years ago

Château Sauvagneres

Château Sauvagneres Buzet 2010

Very nice wine my 2010 vintage is perfect. In the past I had the opportunity to taste a 20 years old bottle and it was still perfect — 4 years ago