Bolognesi, Emilia Romagna

Orsi Vigneto San Vito

Posca Bianca

Underripe apricots. Got a bunch more tour wine to grease the wheels of the hot chip tour. Had to hire a flight case to keep it all in, no regrets. This is a stand-out from the early contenders, easy drinking acids. — 21 days ago

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Adam Wills

Adam Wills

Pro move sir
Rory Phillips

Rory Phillips

Kills the thrill of the hunt a bit but.. see you Thursday!

Cooperativa Agricola La Collina

Terra Luna Secco Malvasia dell'Emilia

Had at a big birthday bash - super fun wine for the occasion. Funky, sweet, and fizzy. — 2 days ago


Radice Lambrusco di Sorbara DOC Lambrusco

This one came home with me. As in, the whole case. I absolutely love this and think it might have to be my go-to summer beverage. Lovely bubbles, pure watermelon fruit, terrific mineral rich and bone dry. Love, love, love! — 6 days ago

Azienda Agricola Costa Archi

Assiolo Sangiovese 2016

Wow. Dusty plum on the palate with terrific acidity. Really vibrant. Fresh licorice. Nose is amazing. Better than the palate. I may be drinking this too young but it’s 20 bucks so sue me. Nose is licorice and plum. Such sweet fruit in the finish. I had this with sausage and peppers because it’s inexpensive and has good fruit. But this can hang with $40 wines (blind) I hope I didn’t drain it all. Should be even more interesting in 3 years. Serious structure. Bought fro fass selections. — 25 days ago

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Tre Monti

Vigna Rocca Secco Albana di Romagna

Not too funky, but sweet, caramel, rich Chardonnay almost. Good for the crowd and a good introductory skin contact wine — 15 days ago


Leclisse Lambrusco di Sorbara 2016

GET ON THE LAMBRUSCO TRAIN PEOPLE. CHOO CHOO!!! Bone dry sweet tart funk with such nice bubbles. — 16 days ago

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Il Farneto

Rio Rocca Brut Nature Sparkling Blend

What more can you ask from an unfiltered sparkling wine — 17 hours ago

Cinque Campi

Cinquecampi Rosso Lambrusco dell'Emilia

Lambrusco will always win my heart if it’s not charmat. This wins my heart. Easily. — 14 days ago

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Ian Staub

Ian Staub

@Erik Longabardi i see on this label it says “refermented in bottle” but if it doesn’t say, any tips for determining method aside from looking up the data sheet?
Erik Longabardi

Erik Longabardi

@Ian Staub most small farmer winemakers don’t use charmat. Look for small Emilia Romagna producers!
Peter Sultan

Peter Sultan

Lambrusco likers, Delectable, tomorrow.....

Podere Giardino

Suoli Cataldi Reggiano Lambrusco Rosé 2005

a straight up watermelon jolly rancher! suave as hell! — 4 days ago

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Alberto Anguissola

Casèbianco Malvasia di Candida Blend

Sittning in front of the fire in winter, spiced apple cider, great tannins in the back, burner grapefruit — 10 days ago