Bolognesi, Emilia Romagna

Vigneto Saetti

Rosso Viola Lambrusco 2018

I used to drink Linni Lambrusco (& I still will) but once I found this in my local wine shop....Dry dry but with a lovely raspberry mousse flavor, a sharp acidity. A well constructed bottle too, w foil wrapping beneath the capsule. And goes with most food- thyme scented beef lasagna from the farmers market in this case. — 10 days ago

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Villa Bagnolo

Sassetto Romagna Superiore Sangiovese 2016

Here is to a Happy 2 Years..... Deadbeat. — 16 hours ago

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Azienda Agricola Paolo Foppiani

Vino di Fognano Malvasia Ortrugo 2018

Aromatic/funky aromas of fruit on the nose, with beautiful floral notes. In the mouth it is vibrant with a good body, pulpy, fresh and with slightly perceptible tannins. Sustainable farming practices. Beautiful color! Purchased from Tofino Wines. — 12 days ago

Jeff Noh
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Sarah Noh

Sarah Noh

@Jean Kim they identified it!

Tenuta La Viola

Riserva Superiore P. Honorii Bertinoro Romagna Sangiovese 2011

Really enjoyable. Visit WineBid for more. I did — 5 days ago

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Cá de Noci

Tre Dame Emilia Rosato 2018

It has a little earthy barnyard funk that has to blow off but underneath it is beautiful strawberries and then it’s very tart and acidic but in a wonderful way like a like a mouth puckering sweetart kind of way. It’s like slightly under ripe strawberries and tart cherries. And the fizz is divine. And the color is just beautiful — 9 days ago

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Il Farneto

Frisant Bianco

Whether it’s the white or Rose I grab whichever frisante I can find as they’re at such a great price point and to me, are synonymous with summertime — 2 months ago

Mirco Mariotti

Smarazen Bianco Dell'Emilia

Bright, refreshing, slightly mineral and effervescent in the beginning and then drinks like a beautiful crisp white wine. — 7 days ago

Noelia Ricci

Superiore Il Sangiovese Superiore 2018

Nicely aromatic with pure, juicy cherries with a herby, sappy edge. On the palate this clearly shows the hot 2018 vintage, with the tannins more chewy & rustic then before. Still stays fresh, but much closer to a Rosso from Montalcino in style than Burgundy.
Buy this in cooler vintages.
— 17 days ago

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Medici Ermete

Le Tenute Assolo Reggiano Lambrusco 2015

Always a friendly way to start an evening. Pretending things are normal in this coronapocalypse. Slightly effervescent Italian frizzante w plum, dark cherry, grapeskin and some tannins. Great w cheeseboard style app. Cheers to everyone in Delectable-land! — 17 days ago

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Podere il Saliceto

L'Albone Lambrusco di Modena

So fizzy and fun!!! Rich red with a light, crispy finish to keep it poppin!!! I feel sophisticated drinking this while still twee bc it’s kinda like wine soda pop ! — 9 days ago