Bodega La Azul

Tinta Azul

Red Blend 2019

I bought this initially for the price point, but it turned out to be quite nice. Dark red fruit with a nice finish, smooth tannins and low acidity. Very easy drinking. — 10 days ago

Azul y Garanza

Naturaleza Salvaje Navarra Garnacha 2019

n: bright, black sour cherry, raspberry, mixed wild flowers and herbs
P: + red licorice, red plum, and a touch of spice.
Medium bodied and simultaneously richly flavored and refreshing. Fine tannins. Delightful.
Worked nicely with tomato soup as well as seared chicken with pickled shallots in raspberry vinaigrette.
— 3 months ago

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Superior Tahona Blanco

New Aguila Superior Tahona Blanco,
One of the best Blanco’s I’ve had. Don’t be fooled by other so called high end that are sweetened even though they are 💯 % agave or made with the Diffuser method.
I.E celebrity bottles, Clase Azul, etc, etc,,,,

The excellent Cascahuin Distillery in the town or El Arenal is one of Jalisco's very best. The Rosales family is committed to quality and traditional techniques like few of their competitors. The Aguila Superior brand is made at their excellent facility under the watchful eye of Maestro Tequilero Salvador Rosales using the same time tested techniques that the distillery has since 1904. The agave for the Aguila brand was planted and harvested by the brand themselves insuring the quality of every pina. The average age is approximately 8 years and they are all roasted in the traditional brick ovens over steam. Maceration for this product is completed on the Rosales' tahona and fermentation is done in open ceramic vats with natural non-propegated yeast. Distillation is completely on their two small pot stills and only the the finest heart cut retained to be bottled or aged.
— 4 months ago

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Norman Gennaro

Norman Gennaro Premium Badge

Great info. Thanks

Azul y Garanza

Fiesta de Azul y Garanza Garnacha-Tempranillo 2018

An organic wine that stands on its own. Smooth undertones slight tart aftertaste. Amazing wine at this price point. — a month ago

Vina Escondida

Bestia Azul Reserva Carménère 2018

Bestias wines Is located in requinoa. The label says Strong Red Wine and it certainly is. — 2 months ago

Pasote Tequila

Limited Release Extra Añejo Tequila

4 year no additives nor made with diffuser. Real tequila, great nose with just a little burn on the finish. That’s what real tequila taste like, unlike Clase Azul and other tequilas that use additives and or diffuser methods
Not the $54.00 regular Anejo as listed on delectable🙄

Pasote Limited Release Extra Anejo Tequila

Distilled with pure rainwater and natural spring water in 100% copper pot stills, this liquid art is distinctively herbal and incredibly pure. Barrel aged for 48 months in underground caves,

— 3 months ago

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Jim McCusker

Jim McCusker

Wow. Looks awesome!
Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

Best $140.00 I’ve had., takes on many $250.00 bottles

Azul y Garanza

Navarra Tempranillo 2020

Fruity nicely balanced great with pizza. — a month ago

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La Sirena

Moscato Azul Dry Calistoga Muscat Canelli 2019

I normally don't rate a white this high but I can't find fault with this Heidi Barrett creation. Bright clear citrus flavors with a lovely floral nose. It continues to linger on mid pallet. It's springtime in a bottle! If still available buy it!!! — 2 months ago

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Hugh O'Riordan

Hugh O'Riordan

This is the good stuff. Dazzling imho

Marqués de la Concordia

Federico Paternina Banda Azul Extra Brut Cava Blend 2015

Enjoying this wonderful wine with Italian dishes — 4 months ago

Clase Azul

Reposado Tequila

First tequila tasting — 5 months ago