Bořetice, Velkopavlovická

Jaroslav Springer


One of the best pinots I have had (2016). Very nice balance of fruit and dryness. Mouth feel was incredible for a Pinot. Trying to figure out how to get more. — 2 months ago

František Mádl

František Mádl Rulandské modré

Lovely nose of summer fruits. Reasonably dry and very drinkable — a year ago

Víno Mikulov

Sommelier Club Selection Barrique Velkopavlovická Rulandské Modré

Oaky, medium bodied, chocolate finish, citrus start — 3 years ago

Dobrá vinice

VDB Velké Dobré Bílé White Blend 2015

The 2015 is excellent, full-bodied and complex for a white. Paired extremely well with catfish w/wasabi and leek oil garnish. — 3 months ago

Jaroslav Springer

CTVRTE Pinot Noir 2016

Organic Pinot, with no vowels. — 4 months ago

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Vinařství Koráb

Natur Ryšák Grüner Veltliner Riesling

This is an outstanding orange wine. Dry and crisp with more spice and depth than a white. This paied very well with crab. — 10 months ago

Petr Kočařîk

Čejkovice Tramin 2015

Orange and unfiltered, rustic and hearty. The cider of wines. With Steph & Ryan. — 3 months ago

Ashley Grech
with Ashley

Stapleton & Springer

Haltyrky Pinot Noir 2017

Bin begeistert von diesem tschechischen Pinot Noir — 7 months ago

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Ota Ševčík

Frankovka 2015

Chardonnay — 2 years ago