Bloomer Creek Vineyard

Bloomer Creek Vineyard

Skin Fermented Pet Nat Gewürztraminer 2020

Astor carries one of my favorites! Lesgo. Probably won’t last long tho so gonna have to stock up.

Been a while. Of course, apricots, raw local honey, orange blossoms, citrus, smells like the sun.

Love the evanescence of the honey, it’s fleeting on the palate. Herby, too. The bite of fresh sage leaves.

Always love. Always.
— 23 days ago

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Bloomer Creek Vineyard

Tanzen Dame Barrow Vineyard Reserve Dry Riesling 2017

Revelatory. A rush of blossoming flowers on the nose, growing over an old streamed of slick, lime zested rocks but also there's an oil leak upstream. The palate is lime pith rubbed on a razor wrapped in feathers. Elegant texture but somehow ethereally light, with a ton of salty minerality, kerosene, and just a little oxidation. How can one grape even be like this? — 2 months ago

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Bloomer Creek Vineyard

Tanzen Dame Auten Vineyard Riesling

Date drank: August 2018
Year: 2014
Producer: Bloomer Creek
Grape(s): 50% Reisling, 50% cayuga white
Region: Cayuga Lake. Finger lakes. NY
Distributor/Importer: na
Natty: yes. Low input organic vineyards. No sulfer added
Tasting Notes: First, the nose was amazing, very aromatic with hints of orange peel, honey, lemon maybe ? Its a late harvest but fermented to dryness and amazingly balanced with fruit and sweetness while also being dry and clean. Doesnt cloy and goes well with fish or light summer vegetables. I still dream about this wine
— 4 months ago

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Bloomer Creek Vineyard

Finger Lakes Cabernet Franc 2017

Show me somethin natural like grape w some stretch marks 😤 — 4 days ago

Bloomer Creek Vineyard

Dry Riesling Auten Vineyard 2011

Nick M

This is labeled as a dry Riesling, but I’d probably call it a Halbtrocken. I’m not sure how to describe this wine. It’s kind of like if some weird dude that you knew in college told you that he made Riesling in his dorm room and you were like, “What? Is that what you’ve been doing all day instead of going to class? I thought you just smoked weed and played hacky sack.” But then you taste it, and you’re like,”Wait! This doesn’t taste like any Riesling I’ve ever had, but it’s really freaking good. What kind of strange wizardry is going on here?” — 2 months ago

Bloomer Creek Vineyard

Dry Finger Lakes Riesling 2017

Balanced acid. Dry, stony, minerality. Round.
Concentrated/sappy center with light edges - like a jammy soft boiled egg. Savory and a little chewy. Loved it!
— 4 months ago

Josh Smith
with Josh

Bloomer Creek Vineyard

Vin d'été Cabernet Franc 2018

Sublime. Notes of juicy pomegranate and plum. — 6 days ago

Herman Story

Late Bloomer Grenache 2016

Medium/Deep ruby; medium plus intensity aromas of black cherry, black and red plum, blackberry, orange peel, kalamata olives, underbrush, rosemary; dry, medium acid, soft medium tannins, high alcohol, full body, medium plus intensity flavors consistent with aromas; long finish, just as rich and concentrated as ever, very good — a month ago

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Bloomer Creek Vineyard

Tanzen Dame Dry Riesling 2017

Extraordinary Riesling. Expressive nose of white flowers and honey and dried apples and old river rocks sticky with honey. The palate is bone dry, like an old conch shell full of grilled herbs. Nervy and chalky and electric and delicious. Made for a pour pairing with a spicy vodka sauce due to the intense, martini-like dryness. — 3 months ago

Bloomer Creek Vineyard

Unfined & Unfiltered Cabernet Franc 2013

Always fun and interesting offerings from Bloomer Creek in the Finger Lakes. Excellent with a little age. — 4 months ago

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