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Bethany Ridge Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Excellent sav blanc with fine balance, bite, and zest. Great food wine. Great winery! 2017 vintage. — 2 months ago

Bethany Wines

Eden Valley Riesling 2012

This is a very good example of dry Riesling.

Lemon-green colour, clean on the nose with a lot of tropical fruits flavours, especially banana and melon. A good bit of lime and also a nice flinty minerality stand out.

Dry on the palate, this entails a good level of alcohol for a Riesling (13%). The acidity of this wine is high and the body medium. The length is medium-long.

Very good quality.

May be recommended with Thai food and chicken salads (for instance chicken and mango salad).
— 2 years ago


Estate Red Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2011

Thoroughly enjoying this Figgins Estate Red Wine with dinner and listening to some nice Jazz with Bethany. A delicious Cab dominant red. — 3 years ago

Bethany Farris
with Bethany

McNab Ridge

Mendocino Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Birthday gift from Aaron and Bethany — a year ago


Nielson Vineyard Chardonnay 2014

Bethany Beach Red — 2 years ago

Bethany Wines

The Schrapel Family Vineyards Grenache 2002

Fruit forward with dark fruit and chocolate and silky smooth tannins. Excellent! — 3 years ago

Bethany Wines

Q Quarry Sparkling Red Red Blend

Superb dry slightly sweet yet loaded with peppers. Perfect with BBQ kransky and bacon on a sun morning — a year ago

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T C Collector

TC Collector Gamay Noir 2015

Seth Morgen Long

Beautifully woven together and pure. Wonderful wine that speaks volumes about Gamay made by a passionate woman. Great job Bethany! — 2 years ago

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Andrea Occhipinti

Alea Viva Lazio Rosso 2014

Extremely floral nose, bright acidity, and tannins that are mature and present without necessitating food. (But certainly good with some!) On the palate I find strawberries and cherries dipped in cola and rolled over worn leather. Hedonistic and dangerously drinkable. I agree with Bethany, much better on day 2. — 3 years ago