Belgian Beer

The Rare Barrel

Foodre Beer

This is solid. Clearly rare barrel, but really sticks to classic foudre flavors (at least the few I’ve had). A bunch of cedar, lemon, but of brett, really nice as it’s not super sour. Solid beer. — 6 days ago

Rouge Ales

Dead 'N' Dead German Maibock Style Beer

This is Dead Guy Ale from Oregon:-) — 21 days ago

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Brasserie d'Orval

Orval Trappist Strong Ale 2017

Ok normally I don’t post beer here. But for this time only....
Many of you will know but this beer played an important role in the aging of beers development.
I cant hardly imagine a beer that develops so well as Orval. From dark yellow to amber in color and more toffee notes yet still firm bitters.
— 12 days ago

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Brasseries du Maroc

Casa Premium Beer

I’ll say this, after a bit of yard work, I crushed this! 🍺👍🏻 — 5 days ago

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@Tony Bubbles Cheers 🍻


Foam White Natural Pinot Gris 2017

Fizzy grapefruit and apples. Reminded me a bit of a slightly sour Belgian beer. Brilliant sunset hue. — a month ago

Brasserie Dupont

Saison Dupont

Done on Jonny’s beer course. Beer one of week 2. Belgian “farmhouse style’. Nice. Almost a leffe - like it — a month ago

The Rare Barrel

Impossible Soul Golden Sour Beer 2015

Age is a marvelous thing for these sour beers. So complex. Lemons, but different types of lemons, some creaminess, definitely cherries but much more subdued and more dried. Tons of funk with not a ton of Brett which I had been expecting from these earlier days of TRB. Also some honey and grape must. I actually thought of cognac while contemplating the finish. — a month ago

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Garage Project

BEER Czech Pilsner

An autumn brew great 👍🏼 — 21 days ago

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Uehara Shuzou Co. Ltd. / Echigo Beer Pub

Koshihikari Echigo Beer

Such a clean and tasty beer. Made with rice. — 25 days ago

Ellie K
with Ellie
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St. Bernardus Brouwerij

Prior 8 Belgian Abbey Ale Beer

Maduro brown with mahogany polish; solid cap of varying creams. Low-helium balloon, slow drop lacing bejeweled like lively paramecia. There is a sweet cola entry which builds malt and date and brown sugar scope, adding vanilla bean and cocoa. Chewed leather, candied ginger, waterlogged ginseng, almond, pecan, chestnut and bourbon notes. Lighter-than-anticipated mouthfeel expresses tea versus cola implied, but leaves you ruminating on it’s perfection, which is somehow like dark toasted phyllo brushed with maple living like a wafer inside of a bonbon biosphere. Several roots are prominent; sassafras, ginger, man back, and glazed, roasted carrots. There is an overshadowing of coffee, though thin, and carob. The malt prevails, to plant the Belgian flag. Tastes of gritty, rustic elements, but flows like fine silks. Bravo! .
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— 2 months ago

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