Azienda Agricola Natalino Del Prete

Azienda Agricola Giulio Fiamberti

Vigna Sacca Del Prete Croatina Blend 2007

A rogue find that did not disappoint; a little bite at the end. I’d love to get my hands on more. — 6 months ago

Poggio Rubino

Campo del Prete Brunello di Montalcino

Best brunello so far on our trip to the Tuscany region. Very smooth finish — 7 months ago

Cascina Val del Prete

Serra de' Gatti Barbera d'Alba 2013

Michael Gallegos

Great acid, beautiful red fruits up front. Well concentrated. Classic Barbera. — 4 years ago

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Azienda Agricola Natalino del Prete

Torre Nova Salento Negroamaro 2016

Put in a lip of tobacco, eat some blackberries and anise and you get the idea. Earthy af. — 2 months ago

with Briana
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Cascina Val del Prete

Nebbiolo d'Alba

Delightful, soft but sharp — 6 months ago

Cascina Val del Prete

Luèt Roero Arneis

Was so intrigued by their Nebbiolo that I had to try the Arneis too. So dredging under the hot sun. Slightly bitter. Not super fruity, which I’m cool with. — 7 months ago

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Azienda Agricola Natalino del Prete

Anne Salento IGT Negroamaro 2017

Alex J

verrrryyy funky. I like it, but it's not for everyone. — 2 months ago

Azienda Agricola Natalino del Prete

Nataly Salento Primitivo

Thick alcoholic smell, with sorrel, fresh leather, tobacco, cedar, color is brown ruby, grippy, brown sugar but the tannin cuts it and balances some but it does stay rough and dance before laying a finishing grip that is cedary, FYI give an hour — 6 months ago

Cascina Val del Prete

Bricco Medica Roero Nebbiolo

A lot of funk going on here but it is still so true to the Nebbiolo grape. Tar, roses. One I kept thinking about the whole day. — 7 months ago

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