Aihara Shuzo Co. Ltd

Yucho Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Alpha Kaze No Mori Sake

Sanmi&toromi welcome back Shiba-kun! — a month ago

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Nishi Shuzo Co, Ltd.

Satsuma Hozan The Finest Japanese Shochu

Nose of potato skins, really interesting clean white rice on the palette, at 25* really not too hot and easily drunken. Aftertaste of just a hint of the sweet potatoes this is made from. "Imo sochu"
A friend from Japan brought this one over. Yum. Bette with a bit of cold water, or a cube, to allow this to open up, and awaken. Best I have had to date.
— 2 years ago

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Fukuchiyo Shuzo Co Ltd

Nabeshima Junmaiginjo Omachi

With Oden girl 🍢 — 2 months ago

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Saito Shuzo Co., Ltd

Yadorigi Eikun Isao Uji Odori Jun rice Ginjyo sake

This is Yadorigi, special Eikun. I love this!! Good luck my friend moving to Tokyo!! — a year ago

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Kidolzumi Shuzo Co. Ltd.

Afs Sake

Quite sweet and concentrated, but a very complex core behind it. — 3 years ago

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Kinmon Akita Shuzo Co Ltd

Yamabuki Koshu

Mature aged sake. Madeira qualities. — 6 months ago

Ozawa Shuzo Co.,Ltd.

Shidekori Nishiki Yamada Sake

The accidental slurpy 😊 — 2 years ago

Daimon (Sakahan) Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Tozai Well of Wisdom Honjozo Sake

Crisp, grapefruit flavored. Tozai, west meets east. — 3 years ago

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