Yamagata, Japan

Grape Republic Inc.

Amphora Rosso Merlot Blend 2019

Wow. Legit. A little fuzzy carbonic maceration, fruit forward but with a slight funk. Wish this bottle was easier to come by. — 15 days ago

Bea Meskauskaite
with Bea

Kawatsuru Shuzou

Sanuki Cloudy

サケナードにて川鶴、讃岐くらうでぃ。かるぴすてきでうまい。添加アルコールそんなに感じない。ロックにした方が飲みやすいかも、後から氷入れてもらった。 — 20 days ago


The Yamazaki 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

Honey, spice, pear, butter. More scotch than bourbon style. — 6 days ago

Brud Baker
with Brud

The Grape Republic

Dela Fresca Frizzante Delaware

Remind me of a farmhouse sour beer — 19 days ago

Kyoya Distiller & Brewer

Yuzu Gin

So lovely with just an ice cube. Wish I bought a bigger bottle of it lol — 4 days ago

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Indigo Junmai Ginjo

Sohomare “Indigo” — 12 days ago

Jikon Tokubetsu

Junmai Sake 2021

Research discussion about Pokémon and happiness with beautiful sake. — a month ago

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Fattoria Al Fiore

Hana Steuben Niagara Rosé Blend 2020

Such an interesting wine, unlike anything I’ve ever had. So light but so much flavor. Sweet without being too sweet, almost like a tea or strong saft as we say in sweden. Incredible. — a month ago

Shirataki Shuzo

Jozen Ginjo White Junmai Sake


The waterfall that is eternally fed by the waters of melting snow — 16 days ago



Rouge - not as cool as the blanc. Delicate, ethereal, mild, and gently sweet. Koji, raisin, cranberry, and toast. — 10 days ago