Weinhaus Lipmann

Weinhaus Ranke

Ungsteiner Nussriegel Huxelrebe Beerenauslese 2007

Dark orange, lots of apricot, grapes, and orange zest. Sweet but balanced with nice acid. — 2 days ago

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Weinhaus Kremer

Pinot Blanc

Dry, a little yeasty, granny Smith Apple, and almonds @ Emich‘s in Amorbach — 3 years ago

Kreuznacher Weinhaus

Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Auslese Riesling 2016

Good (Auslese) sweetness but crisper than the USA Late/Sweet Harvest Reislings. A definite! — 3 years ago

Weinhaus Heger

Gemischter Schatz Müller Thurgau Blend 2015

Rivaner, SB, weissburgunder, Riesling and muscateller- it's wacky! Like an everlasting gobstopper, flavor changes with each sip. Speaks to my inner wine geek. — 5 years ago

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Weinhaus Barzen

Goldkugel Auslese Riesling 2018

Intense white floral aromas. Ripe stone fruit of peach and apricot. Grapefruit. Super high acidity and lush residual sugar. Big yum! — 2 years ago

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Weinhaus Kremer

Réserve Pinot Noir 2014

Tart Cherry, cranberry, hints of tobacco, earthy, and a bit of stemmy tannins @Emich‘s in Amorbach — 3 years ago

Weinhaus Kessler

Hochgewāchs Brut Chardonnay

A sparkling wine (“champagne”) from Germany, typically used at official government state dinners.
Very light in fragrance of stone fruit. Drinks incredibly smoothly, not as acidic as typical champagne and not sweet like Prosecco. A great balance of both!!
— 3 years ago

Anne Nauber
with Anne

Weinhaus Ranke

Ruppertsberger Linsenbusch Auslese Pfalz Gewürztraminer 2009

Vintage 2009 shy smell minerals and a excellent balance between sweet and sour, terrific aperitif — 3 years ago

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