Thracian Valley, Bulgaria

Ross-Idi Winery

Nikolaevo Rubin Thracian Valley 2021

One of my top choices for sure — 18 hours ago


Danube River Plain Gamza 2016

Cool label art. Dark red/maroon shade in the glass. Smells like cool sauna boards and flint sparks. Berries in there too. Flavors are spice cake, cherry compote, blackberry cobbler, and Dutch licorices. Something woodsy and pine-y in there too. This has great balance and has not oxidized in the 7 years it’s been in the bottle. Fruit is here; fresh, wild fruits. If this is any indication I’d love to try more reds from Bulgaria. — 7 months ago

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Edoardo Miroglio

Bio Thracian Valley Mavrud-Rubin Blend 2016

Striking label. Whimsical. Good color. Blood red and purple tinged. Aroma is unique. Water on dry sandstone, anise biscotti and cherry syrup. Maybe a rose petal or hip too. Flavors are fresh and rustic. Like an all-wood house in the country. Near the forest but on the edge. Easy and juicy. This change of pace red is a great wine to talk about and try with the wino nerds. I drank it solo, but I’ll try to get some more. — a year ago

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Rough Day

Gamza Rosé

Poolside. Great start and finish. — a month ago


Thracian Valley Unoaked Chardonnay

Lovely Chard. Unoaked is the way for this crisp, citrusy wine that reminded us of a great bubble-less champagne. Bought at BP. — 7 months ago


Thracian Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Earthy flavor with hints of cherry and plums. — 9 months ago

Castra Rubra

Nimbus Premium Syrah

I had vintage 2016 (drank it in 2023) - it was well rounded, great taste of berries, easy to drink. — 5 months ago

Domaine Bessa Valley

Enira Reserva Red Blend 2016

— 7 months ago

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Rough Day

Danube Plain Pinot Noir 2020

Smooth dry wine with light oaky finish — 8 months ago