Kindzmarauli Saperavi 2021


A very pleasant wine from Georgia 🇬🇪.

Deep purple colour with lots of dark fruit, notably cherry on the nose with some oak.
A little tannin that's nicely balanced against a hint of sweetness that follows the plums and blackberry.

Overall, it was a lovely wine from a winery in Kvareli close to the river Alazani.

From Majestic UK.
— 6 months ago

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Special Reserve Limited Release Kakheti Kisi 2015

Very nice, honey, beautiful color — 4 years ago


Qvevris Kisi

Warm almost cognac nose. Lemons, tannins, touch of honey. Lovely sunset orange. Punchy tannic acidity up front. Highly structured body. Some madira notes. Woody in places. A very dynamic and unique wine. — 5 years ago


Khvanchkara Medium Sweet Alexandreuli Mujuretuli 2019

Ripe cherries, followed by a hint of tartness. Complemented an early Valentine’s dinner well. Bacon-wrapped filet mignon with balsamic-glazed roasted vegetables finished with chocolate covered strawberries. The sweetness of this lovely Georgian wine complemented the whole meal. — 7 months ago

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Mukuzani Saperavi 2015

A nice easy to drink full, dry red from Georgia. Canilla notes, chesnut and cherries, but controlled. — 4 years ago


Qvevris White amphora 2016

Wow this is different. Nose satsuma segments, stray apricot, rosemary. QUINCE JELLY. Then it's more of the same on the palate but with an almost instantly vanishing intensity. Explodes and then it's gone. Chalky and relatively harsh bitterness from the 6months or so that it'll have sat in it's amphora with the skins (stem maceration?). Enjoyable though! Keep it chilled, definitely. — 5 years ago


Special Reserve Mukuzani Saperavi 2014

Выпито в Местия в ресторане Лайла 24.07.21 с семьей Чхония. У него замечательная жена. И вино мукузани резерва 2015 года - просто высшее. — 2 years ago

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Kakheti Saperavi 2018

Шикарный цвет, фиолетово-чёрный. Аромат насыщенный, плотный, спелой вишни. Вкус глубокий, ощущается смородина, черноплодная рябина; в бочке не выдерживали, или выдерживали недолго, дуб не доминирует. Здесь только Саперави. Танины мощные и уместные. — 4 years ago


Tsinandali Special Reserve White Blend 2016

Floral, crisp and acidic. Very pleasant, and was good with crayfish. Much better than the last (first) Tsinandali I had. — 5 years ago


Saperavi Rosé

Amazing color & taste! The best rose I've tried! — 5 years ago

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