Tap 8 Rye

St. George Spirits

Dry Rye Reposado Gin

Solera system used to make this gin, 8-36 month old barrels. Brilliant idea for the use of gin. — 2 years ago


Straight Rye Whiskey

This is the shit. Barrel proof so add some ice to cut the heat. Wonderful vanilla and viscosity with still bright spice and floral notes even after 8 yrs — 5 years ago

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Brasserie de Rochefort

Trappistes Rochefort 8 Belgian Ale

All the essentials. Hope these monks blessed the devil out of this! Gorgeous auburn brown that looks as rich as fresh tilled, valley loam. This head don’t quit! Cappuccino foam with variations. Sheeted micro-weave of bubbles in the lacing that part like thick lips, as if to say, ‘ahhh.’ A touch of baked marshmallow-on-yam. Coffee rye, barley grist, malt and grilled meat interplay, twice baked potatoes with bacon, sour cream and chives. Caramel drizzle. Dark honey glazed sourdough toast. Blood orange squeezed onto fondue, baked, mushroom stuffed persimmon. Heady, rustic, decadent nose invites us to a feast. Intense finesse! So multi-layered they had to fold it into the bottle! There is a cognac barrel aspect that has a cedar and oregano intertwined in an aged balsamic depth. Bark-y and chicory but also resembling petite verdot in its unctuous and integral core. Cherrywood and rich, dark maduro tobacco. The list could literally go on forever. The bread of Life. #trappiste #rochefort #trappistesrochefortten #trappistesrochefort10 #belgian #belgianale #belgianbeer #belgianbier #abbeyale #abbayeale #ale #beer #bier #biere #birra #cerveza #cerveja #abbayeaddesaintremy #rochefort #belgium — 6 months ago

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@David Kline David great post Cheers 🍻

Willett Distillery

7 Year Old Straight Rye Whisky

This is the seven year, it is pretty epic. Better than the 8 year . . . — 5 years ago

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Kevin O'Connor

Kevin O'Connor

Whiskeys not whiskers 🍸🐱
Kevin O'Connor

Kevin O'Connor

And ryes not eyes, damn auto correct!
Bill Bender

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Haha I'm all for a good rant and whiskers actually works!

Henry of Pelham Family Estate

Cuvée Catharine Carte Blanche Brut Niagara Peninsula VQA 2013

Delicious alongside a classic Gaspé Nova on rye from Russ & Daughters. A worthy and appropriate pairing, as both are top-quality choices from producers who started as mavericks and developed into respected and loved institutions.
Very elegant and refined, mousse is tingly rather than creamy but not aggressive or unpleasant. Classic blanc de blanc firm structure, citrus/brioche character. A very compelling bottle.
• 100% estate-grown chardonnay from Short Hills Bench, hand-picked
• Lot selection, 20% barrel-fermented
• 54 months on lees, 60 in bottle
VQA Short Hills Bench
ABV: 12.5
RS: 8
TA: 7.3
Harvest date TBC. V13 had a warm September.
— 2 years ago

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Beavertown Brewery

8 Ball Rye IPA

So this thing does beers too? Intense, delicious but couldn't drink more than one. — 4 years ago

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Tap Whisky

Tap 357 Maple Rye Whisky

As a bone marrow shooter... Salty- sweet awesome! — 6 years ago

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