Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery

Oriol Artigas

La Rumbera Pansa Blanca-Garnatxa Blanca Blend

What a wine, this is surely one of the most interesting full bodied whites I’ve had. Amazing with seafood straight outta the shell. It reminds me of my childhood on the shores of Gothenburg, picking up crabs and sucking the insides out of their bodies. Sea on the nose. Fun in the glass. — 5 months ago

Bodega Chacra

Mainque Chardonnay 2017

My initial impressions were, wow, this is tasty stuff. Then I started thinking of everything lemon: meringue, Meyer, candy drops. You can smell a clean, crisp stream of clear water over rocks with Meyer lemons floating by and honey crisp trees on the shores mixed with some white flowers. The minerality carries over with a strong tart punch of lemon tart. The acidity is strong with this one. I’d love more to see how it develops, but sadly have no more. — 8 months ago

By Farr

Tout Près Pinot Noir 2016

Hard to know which was the better - the view/ambience/restaurant or the wine. Let’s start with the former. Rick Shores, the restaurant is at Burleigh Heads on Queensland’s Gold Coast which used to be on the World Surfing Tour. I highly recommend this restaurant to my Northern Hemisphere Delectable friends if you are ever down under. Asian inspired and voted #2 restaurant in Queensland in 2018. Come at lunch time or 6.15pm in the evening as we did. The red duck curry was superb as was the Whole Snapper. The wine itself- Light to mid crimson in colour. Notes of forest floor and damp undergrowth with a touch of oak. Herbal notes. On the palate sweet and savoury with maraschino cherries and incredible length. Would love to see this in 5 plus years. A classy drop. — 2 years ago

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Anthony De Blasi

Anthony De Blasi

My god, what a view! Enjoy!
ES Faiello

ES Faiello

I’ve had his Shiraz - remember it being absolutely stunning! Cheers
Bob McDonald

Bob McDonald Influencer Badge Premium Badge

@ES Faiello After I posted this note I got a email from 5 Way Cellars in Sydney selling this Pinot with the question “Is this the Best Pinot in Australia “.

Château de Ségriès

Tavel Grenache Blend Rosé 2018

Bright and deep red. Shy nose and more present palate of pomegranate, citrus rind, dry red flowers, and anise fruit leather. Bracing acidity shores up the medium to full (for a rosé) body. Young Tavel giving a glimpse of what could come five to ten years on. A great wine with light “red wine” or heavier “white wine” dishes as well as an intriguing late summer/early fall sipper. Drink now or hold through 2028. — 6 months ago

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Pearl Morissette Estate Winery

Cuvée Métis Pinot Noir Cabernet Franc 2017

🇨🇦❤️🍷! Black pepper and sweet cherries somehow 🤔 — 9 months ago

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Château de Jasson

Victoria Côtes de Provence Red Blend 2018

Very good rosé. Granted, drinking on the shores of the Mediterranean will make even the gnarliest swill taste like roses. Cheers to me, bitches. — a year ago

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14 Hands Winery

Columbia Valley Merlot 2015

A terrific wine, reminiscent of Gulf Shores Winds rushing to my face. The Merlot packs a punch of Blackberry that leaves you wanting to be nothing but.. blacked. Yum. — 3 years ago

Château Malartic-Lagravière

Pessac-Léognan Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend 2009

What a beautiful specimen. On the nose, the signature of Sauvignon Blanc is front and center. You can't go wrong. In the mouth, the acidity and the salty side like pebbles on sea shores could be confused with a Chablis but the fruity, honey and fatty taste with the taste of the grass is more than enough not to confuse the two regions. A perfect partner with a dish of clams. old white Bordeaux wines are special!
— 7 months ago

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Clos Ste. Magdeleine

Bel-Arme Cassis Blanc Marsanne 2017

Bright like that sun and sea breeze in Cassis, but has real weight to it, too. Would be €9 over there but it’ll run you $37 at Houston Wine Merchant. Fair price, perhaps, for a very hard to find appellation. I want to say that there’s a real sense of place to this wine, but maybe only because I have been to the place. In any event it has transported me back to the shores of the Mediterranean, and maybe it will do the same for you, too. — a year ago

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Réserve Alsace Riesling 2010

Enjoyed with a pan Asian meal on the shores of St Lucia. Lemony flinty nose. Slight petrol nose. Lemon tartness on the palette, almost like sherbet. Stone licking taste. Minerality! — 2 years ago

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