Classic Reservado Cabernet Franc 2015

Fine taste! Good balance between tanines and smooth! Nice Brazilian Wine! Approved. — a month ago


Salton Evidence Brut

Mais um excelente espumante nacional. — a year ago


Intenso Campanha Gaúcha Seco Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Equilibrado, frutas vermelhas e negras, retrogosto leve de Carvalho; ótimo custo/benefício.
Harmonizou com entrecot no forno.
— a year ago


Volpi Cabernet Sauvignon

2008 in 2016. Very impressed as Brazil I don't drink often. Cab and marlot blend and is still young. Wow. Fruit forward with nice dry oak finish. Balance and well made. Outstanding with dinner. Full body. — 5 years ago


Intenso Cabernet Franc 2018

Barnyard on the nose. Medium tannins, licorice aftertaste and a little spicy on the palate. — 2 months ago

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Elegant! Cheers!🍷

Classicos Salton

Reserva Classic Tannat 2017

Vinho muito gostoso refinado e com sabor top de carbenet. — a year ago

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Paradoxo Safra Chardonnay

Fruity, with apple. Not very acidic. Very nice! — 4 years ago

Alma Salton

Alma Semi-Dry Sparkling Champagne Blend 1910

Perfect for special occasions, Will buy this again — 3 months ago


Alma Brut Moscato Trebbiano Blend

This is a very good (as most of them) Brazilian sparkling wine. Unfortunately it is classified as from France here in the Delectable app. Salton winery is one of the most prestigious one in Brazil, from ‘Serra Gaúcha’ region, now world famous precisely due to its outstanding sparking wines. — 8 months ago


Talento Tuiuty 2009

Unbelievably good wine, following several other wines this still stood out for its clarity and structure. Every sip was just another taste of its quality. — 4 years ago