J.G. Orb

Westhofener Moorstein Auslese Müller-Thurgau Blend 1971

Robert Cunningham

Beautiful and rich. — 6 years ago

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Weingut W. Wörner

Marte Ruländer 2018

Skin contact, orange. Citrus and floral. Love this. — 3 years ago

Azienda Agricola Longariva

Graminè Ruländer 2015

— 6 years ago

Kaiserstühler Winzergenossenschaft Ihringen e.G.

Ihringer Winlkerberg Trockenbeerenauslese Ruländer 1976

Loved it. Just as good or better than it was 40 years ago. Great desert wine. — 8 years ago

Weingut Reinhold und Cornelia Schneider

Ruländer Spätlese trocken Riesling 2011

Christoph Raffelt

tropical fruit and cream galore. rich, well balanced, long, best Grauburgunder/Pinot Gris for years. — 9 years ago

Tenuta CEO

Südtirol-Alto Adige Ruländer 2016

Super fresh and clean — 5 years ago


Ruländer 2013

Incredible (best orange wine I’ve ever had). Horseradish, orange flesh, fresh earth. Palate zings with citrus and a beautifully thin layer of tannin that coats the mouth. — 5 years ago

Kirsty Hulse
with Kirsty
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Sandberger Backstube Beerenauslese Weissburgunder Blend 1973

1973 vintage. Beerenauslese. Beautifully stored and quite expressive. Aging slowly and gracefully, even on the 3rd day. Candied nose but streamlined profile. Fresh and lean, complemented by the rs. — 8 years ago

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