Progetto Calcarius

Progetto Calcarius

Ca 40.08 Orange Puglia Falanghina

With lemon miso soba salad — 25 days ago

Progetto Calcarius

Ca 40.08 Freccianera Nero di Troia Rosé

Honey go over to the cooler and pull me out that pink shiit. — 10 months ago

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Valentina Passalacqua

Terra Minuta Fiano Minutolo Greco 2018

Her wines are so awesome and now that I’ve tried her Calcarius line and her Sovracchiaro I pick up on the pattern of easy, beautifully balanced salty citrusy wines - definite step above chuggable.
Despite its optics, less honeyed compared to Sovracchiaro - think tangerine and apricot and pear and yellow plum and definitely the can of fruit cocktail from middle school.
— a year ago

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Progetto Calcarius

Ca 40.08 Nù Litr Orange Puglia Falanghina

Rhubarb and unripe strawberry, some punishing bitterness that tastes like dandelions or citrus rind. Intense and refreshing, more drinkable after a few days in the fridge. — 2 months ago

Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Progetto Prime Donne Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese 2012

Bloody good, classically built Brunello. Ready to roll with a short decant. Shout out to #bouludmontreal for doing all they can to survive the 🧟‍♂️ apocalypse! Amazing next-level takeout. — 8 months ago

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Mario Vaillancourt

Mario Vaillancourt Premium Badge

I hear you and sad to see our restaurants struggling so much. Have you tried Trifecta take out? Club Chasse/Filet/Serpent, they have good stuff for take out.

Valentina Passalacqua

Ca 40.08 Nù Litr Calcarius Bianco Puglia Bombino

Delicious. The dream between a rose and a light red. Perfect summer drinking with Thai stir fry. Very cherry. — a year ago

Progetto Calcarius

Ca 40.08 Rosso Puglia Negroamaro

Cherry and earth notes, soft tannins, not too acidic — 5 months ago

Progetto Calcarius

Ca 40.08 Soul Glou Rosé Blend 2019

Light and fun. Watermelon! Pomegranate. Delicious. — 5 months ago

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Progetto Calcarius

20 Ca 40.08 Brutal Puglia Nero di Troia

Dark fruits, hay, chalk, and chocolate. Tart. Dark but not heavy. — a year ago

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