Oakland Spirits

Caledonia Spirits

Barr Hill Gin

Precise nose of beeswax and juniper that becomes clove and chive, jasmine carnation and magnolia, candied lemon peel, ginger and dill. The palate is juniper berry leaping from the glass, juniper flower, bee pollen, orange blossom, lemon blossom, coriander, violets, lavender, peppercorn edge, celeriac root, and depth! This is thick fare, with heat and resonance. #barrhill #barrhillgin #caledoniaspirits #caledoniaspiritsbarrhillgin #gin #moderngin #vermont #vermontgin #juniper #rawhoney #craftgin — 20 days ago

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Ulysse Collin

Les Maillons Extra Brut Blanc de Noirs Champagne Pinot Noir

Loving this! Picked this up in Oakland on my way to the California coast. The wine merchant told me this is one of the few producers who still ferments in oak. I was intrigued! Tasting it, I’m totally sold. Toasty brioche and caramel on the nose, full body, roasted pear and apple cider notes on the palate. Will definitely go out of my way to buy again! (D: 3/2018) — 5 days ago

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Dominique Lucas

C De Marin Les Vignes de Paradis Chasselas 2014

Alder Yarrow

Sepia filter courtesy of smoke filled skies here in Oakland. If the end of the world is coming we better get drinking. Let’s start with some regal Chasselas. Six years in the bottle this is starting to pick up some weight with hints of butterscotch on top of the lemongrass and citrus pith notes you’d expect from this stony little white. Quite delicious. — 2 months ago

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Boulder Spirits

Barrelled Ginskey Gin

Smells great. Had it in a mule. Needed a tad less bitters and ginger. — 8 days ago

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Forthave Spirits

Marseille Amaro

@Delectable Wine Yellow: A Genepi by Forthave Spirits — a month ago

Sarah Elliott
with Sarah
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Cutwater Spirits

Paloma Cocktail

It reminds me of cream soda for some reason but in a good and grapefruity way. Don’t mind if I do. — 2 months ago

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Cutwater Spirits

Lime Tequila Margarita

This is another treat I wish I didn’t like so much although I do have the urge to squeeze fresh lime into it and pour into a glass with half-salt...but I’d drink this again. — 2 months ago

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Ellen Clifford

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@Severn Goodwin I know I hate myself for liking it too.
Stan Tran

Stan Tran

So good! Cutwater is Ballast Point Brewing Company's spirits division. We've had their FUGU Horchata Vodgekie 🐟!
Ellen Clifford

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@Stan Tran Omigosh I remember that!

Empirical Spirits

Can 02

Different. Carbonated mix of vacuum-distilled beet molasses and Belgian saison yeast spirit, sour cherry, black currant buds, young pine cones, walnut wood, keemun black tea and macaw pepper. Made on Copenhagen, Denmark. — 24 days ago

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Eric S

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Wow. That is different.

Ghost Town Brewing

Inhume India Pale Ale

Oakland beer scene doing some good stuff. — a month ago

Far North Spirits

Solveig Gin

Lavender, thyme, juniper summer creamsicle. Lovely with a bouquet of fragrant white lilies from the market.

I drank this straight and while it would do well in a cocktail or with club soda/tonic, I think this actually drinks straight pretty well and beats Roku, in my humble opinion, in that realm. Used to be my go-to. Uncle Val’s is still definitely my top-liner, though. Tough to beat. But hey the Minnesotans know what they’re doing on this one...
— 2 months ago

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Josh Morgenthau

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Gin is my guilty pleasure (guilty only because the hangover is so bad). St. George and all these are great. For balance and complexity in a dry gin though, to my taste, Cotswolds always takes the cake. And it’s so generously priced!
S.S. Mandani

S.S. Mandani

@Severn Goodwin love Monkey 47 as a top shelf sipping gin. I’m just always looking for good value in gin and mainly mixing cocktails with refreshing ingredients. Will have to pick up St. George’s! Thanks for the rec.
S.S. Mandani

S.S. Mandani

@Josh Morgenthau i think I’ve drank so much gin over the years that I’m immune to the hangovers at this point haha. Not a good thing. Love Cotswalds. Love Brockman’s. Both for the value. The four bottles I always keep in stock are Uncle Val’s, Gunpowder, Hendricks (because come on it is a pretty good standard) and Empress for showy purple gin/sodas and pink gin/tonics. I should add Cotswalds to the list!