Maycas Del Limari


Metodo Tradicional Valle de Limari Brut Champagne Blend

Extra Brut. Minerally, like Taitinger. Excellent to complement clams. — 4 days ago

Vicki Sliwa
with Vicki

Maycas Del Limari

San Julian Valle del Limari Pinot Noir 2018

Strawberry and raspberry. Ripe. Elegant. Spiced. A nice perfume appeared after 2 hours opened. — 3 years ago

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Cono Sur

Valle del Limari Shiraz 2018

Strong but doesn't taste it! Very drinkable. Smells lovely. Very fruity. Doesn't taste as full bodied as you'd expect. — 4 years ago

Viña Tabalí

Vetas Blancas Valle del Limari Malbec Cabernet Franc

Some what acidic and tannic., went well with chicken with tomatoes sauce — 3 years ago

Viña Sutil

Limited Release Valle de Limari Syrah 2018

Lean but with a lot of offer — 4 years ago

Tierra del Sol

Valley del Limari Reserva Carménère 2016

This wine is outstanding with pasta and red sauce. Specifically, we prepared thin spaghetti with Emeril’s vodka pasta sauce and the combination was fantastic. The fruits didn’t fight the delicious pasta sauce and only enhanced the dinner. Highly recommend. — 5 years ago

Larry Stern
with Larry


Talinay Calcáreo Costero Valle de Limari Sauvignon Blanc 2020

Strong citrus. Citrus and grassy herbal notes. Intense minerals. I find it very hard to judge these young Sauvignon Blanc de garde. It’s clear how much is there but the wine is not yielding much pleasure at the moment. — 2 years ago

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Cono Sur

Limited Edition 20 Barrels Valle del Limari Syrah

Loads of black berries in this very dark Syrah.
In a perfect spot this bottle. Chocolate and some nice peppery back kick.
Fantastic PQR!!
— 4 years ago

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