Matsumoto Shuzuo

Matsumoto Shuzuo

Sawaya Matsumoto Shu-Ha-Ri Kyoto Yamadanishiki

An ever-reliable pour in our household when all else fails. Typical bitter sweet balance with salty undertone. Perhaps a touch more savoury than previous bottles, but not a dealbreaker for me. — 7 months ago

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Matsuse Shuzuo

Matsu no Tsukasa Wataribune Junmai Ginjo

20190613 at Ohmi-Hachiman with TOYO Aluminum & YOKOHAMA Rubber. — a year ago

Stolpman Vineyards

Para Maria de los Tecolotes Ballard Canyon Syrah

20190323 at Horie Home Party. gifted by Matsumoto. Syrah!! Deep even in 14%. — 2 years ago

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Matsumoto Shuzo Co Ltd.

Drop Of Peach

Nydeleg te biff shabu-shabu mmmmmmmm — 4 years ago

Les Trois Mousquetaires

Grand Cuvée Reserve De Noel

A beautiful seasonal beer from Brossard, Quebec (Canada).

We visited Quebec City 5 years ago and were impressed by their culture, food and drink.

Red lager brewed with spices. Flavours of gingerbread, candied fruit, vanilla, oak and balsam.

The little rocker figurine is my favourite J-Rocker Hideto 🎸 Matsumoto (or hide - pronounced hee-day) from the band [X-Japan].

He was a Christmas gift from our youngest daughter. 🥰

•10.5% ABV• January 3, 2019.
— a year ago

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Neil Valenzuela

Neil Valenzuela

🤘🏼rock and roll !


@P A We hope to travel more in eastern Canada in future. We also enjoyed visiting Ontario. My girls have cool taste in music. Like fringe bands and many international groups.

@Sharon B It was delightful! It had a cork like champagne!

@Jody Scharf And a very Happy New Year to you! All the best in 2020!

@Neil Valenzuela Rock on!👨‍🎤
DC Radisson

DC Radisson

I used to reside nearby 🍺 Cheers!

Sawaya Matsumoto

No Title Yamada Nishiki Junmai Sake

澤屋 Delicious slightly sparkling strawberry sweet. Shuhari "Rice is the essence of all". District A rice. Paired with seasonal hot pot. — 3 years ago



This is a special one, Ultra Matsumoto 2014. I've never drank such a elegant acid sake before:-) Very beautiful taste. — 4 years ago

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Sawaya Matsumoto

Shuhari Omachi

Bone dry. Love it. — a year ago

Jasmine Chan
with Jasmine

Matsuse Shuzuo

Tsukasa of Pine Junmai Ginjo

20190613 at Ohmi-Hachiman with TOYO Aluminum & YOKOHAMA Rubber. — a year ago

Sawaya Matsumoto

Shuhari Yamadabo Sake

Delicious and one of my fav 2014 vintage aged to bring out this flavor of umami to pair with the phenomenal kobe beef with mushroom cooked in dark miso over a dried Autumn leaf — 2 years ago