Matsu No Tsukasa

Matsuse Shuzuo

Matsu no Tsukasa Wataribune Junmai Ginjo

20190613 at Ohmi-Hachiman with TOYO Aluminum & YOKOHAMA Rubber. — 4 years ago


El Viejo Tempranillo

Plums - no wait! Dark and sweet cherries, vanilla notes, then subtle spices. Rich, with great length, powerful - no wonder at 15%! Incredibly full nose, juicy with loads of tannins melting on the palate. Love it! — 7 years ago

Matui Shuzouten

Masuno Kotobuki Tochigi No. 14 Junmai Sake

Tsuyoshi Enoki

Name:" Matsu no kotobuki"/ brewery: Matsui shuzouten / region: Tochigi prefecture/ category: junmaiginjo unfiltered undiluted unpasturised/ cépage: Yamadanishiki / — 10 years ago

Matsuse Shuzo

Matsu No Tsukasa Wataribune Junmai Daiginjo

Tsuyoshi Enoki

Matsu No Tsukasa/ Matsuse shuzou/ Shiga prefecture/ Wataribune/ Junmai Daiginjo — 5 years ago

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Yamamoto Honke

Matsu no Midori Junmai Daiginjo

Bouquet of flowers about +3 and Clau fav sake. Shinsei 神聖 brewery. +5.0 — 8 years ago

Matsuse Shuzuo

Matsu no Tsukasa Azolla Junmai Daiginjo Sake 2009

Tsuyoshi Enoki

Name:" Matsu no Tsukasa"/ subtitle:" Azolla black label"/ brewery: Matsuse shuzou/ region: Shiga prefecture/ cépage : Yamada-nishiki without agrochemical / polish rate: 40%/ category: aged junmaidaiginjo/ vintage: 2009/ soft mild light scent, smooth acid clear taste. — 9 years ago


"El Recio" Tinto de Toro

Vidējai no MATSU. Ja jaunietis mani neuzrunāja, tad šis vīrietis gados bija taisni ar tādu buķeti, kas lieliski harmonizēja ar lielopu sautējumu. — 10 years ago


"El Picaro" Toro Tempranillo

Extremely dark in color, this wine looks like motor oil and allows about as much light to come through it. The fruit is dark and pure on the nose, but as savory as the D.O. Toro is dry. Concrete tank aging leaves no oak impression, but the complexity does not suffer. Savory notes grace the palate as well, with blackberry and prune coming forward on a dry-as-a-bone wave. The tannins are firm and young still, and I would love to match this wine with roasted potatoes, or a juicy steak. — 5 years ago

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@Randy Fuller Randy good review Cheers 🍷
Randy Fuller

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Thanks, Phil! Cheers.

Matsu no Tsukasa

Ultimus Premium DAiginjo

Magnum size. The "Ultimus" cuvée. A real rarity and treat! — 8 years ago


Tower of Pine Nigori Sake

Tsuyoshi Enoki

Name:" Matsu no kotobuki"/ brewery: Matsui shuzoujou/ region: Tochigi prefecture/ light fresh note, clear sweetness, crispy acid and juicy texture. — 10 years ago