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Valenti Vineyard Pinot Noir 2015

Phil Baxter is the man. Always pure, clean, transparent winemaking. I prefer the Oppenlander vineyard but this is delicious. 6-7 years seems a sweet spot for these AV PNs. — 19 hours ago

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Palmer & Co

Brut Blanc de Blancs Champagne Chardonnay

My father (a man of very humble beginnings) suggested to me that if you need to ask how much it costs you probably can’t afford it. Thank heavens I can. Absolutely terrific commune effort. — 21 days ago

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Domaine des Roches Neuves (Thierry Germain)

Clos de L'Échelier Dampierre Sur Loire Saumur Chenin Blanc 2016

Lyle Fass

Oh man! Big woolly Chenin nose. Wow. Electric Kool Aid with wool electric cut. Wow. A mammoth electrified. Some almonds, Meyer lemon as well. Super refined and elegant nose. So clean. Wow. Just Rieslingesque Chenin. Palate is immaculate. Perfect texture, balance and lithe concentration and almost a tannic impression on the back end. So sappy and pure. Brilliant finesse. Wow. This is drop dead. Super wine. Wow. Has 10+ years to go. Super lemony and no lack of acid. Long long finish. Dynamite. — 18 days ago

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Romain Fitoussi

Romain Fitoussi

Thierry Germain is a sorcerer


Dundee Hills Pinot Noir 2012

Man, these are so good. They need time but when they are ready they are beautiful. — 16 days ago

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Michel Rebourgeon

Cuvee William Pommard Pinot Noir 2020

Lyle Fass

My man killed 2020. Slayed it like it was a dragon. Super nose of stone, dark red cherries, lovely earth character, some tweed jacket and all of this is presented like refined silk or velvet. Man what strides William has taken. Wow that is just the sexiest, velvet, sweet fruited Pommard one can imagine! This is so fresh, yet also lush and succulent. Wow. What texture and refinement. Williams’s tannin quality has improved so much from 19 to 20. They are so silky, sweet and finely knit. Nose starting to get more red cherries and some nice florals. He nailed this vintage. So energetic and juicy. Just so good. As it airs I’ll be back. Such freshness with air and it gets tangy. Terrific, invigorating Pommard. After 3 hours nose has dark florals. Palate is now elegant and has such deep echoing fruit. So rich yet so ethereal. Masterful. — 10 days ago

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Vignali Roccamena

Catuj Nero d'Avola 2020

Music Man night! Nice to be back. — 25 days ago

Elizabeth KohliDaniel KohliAnna Kohli
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Phaunus Pet Nat Vinho Verde Loureiro

Citrus, gröna äpplen päpplen. Syra som är tilltagen i överkant om man inte vill ha det. — 2 days ago


Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

Man do I love this wine!

This isn’t one for the fans of the strawberry koolaid style of rosés. This is a real wine: with pop and structure and a peppery, mineral aftertaste that makes it a fabulous food wine.
— 8 days ago

Ludovic Courbis

Cornas Syrah 2018

Lyle Fass

This veers towards the Sozet school rather then the Beliando/Fauterie school. Mesmerizing nose of game, herbs, lavender, fresh tweed, blackberry, smoked meats, gravy, just impossibly complex and super super stunning. The black fruits are crystalline and focused. Wow. What purity. The lavender top note is truly spectacular. Palate is superb. Sweet fruited and with all kinds of freshness. Super acids. It’s 18 so there is a wall of tannin and also huge god level minerality. Olives galore on the palate. Stunning. But man does this need air. I’ll be back. Wow the energy on this wine is just incredible. Nose is crazy mineral now after 3 hours. Palate has picked up heft and minerality. So juicy. The most backwards young but maybe the most promising young vintage so far. — 10 days ago

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Yvon Métras

Fleurie Gamay 2019

Certainly one of the best bottles of Métras I've had. It was just so captivating, with sweet red fruits, roses, and Indian spices bursting out of the glass. Blinded, I went back to the wine time and time again out of shear pleasure instead of scrutiny for identification. Oops, the cat’s out of the bag! There was just this purity and vibrancy that made it so drinkable. How could I resist. Plus the fine, yet “slippery” texture made it so intriguing. Ended long with lively acids and great salinity. As for the blind - played the man and thought it was one of those new age Spanish producers. The sweetness of the fruit and spices threw me a curveball too. Nevertheless, it never took away from how magical this bottle was. A one on the binary scale! — 16 days ago

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