Kalecik Karası


Cappadocian Kalecik Karası 2019

Bright pink color, very fruit forward, but dry and balanced - not sweet. Great finish. But of herb. — 4 months ago


Kalecik Öküzgözü 2018

3 course meal at Safron — a year ago


Kalecik Karası 2012

Lavender, floral, cherry.... pungent and lovely, though quite short — 6 months ago

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Reserve Dry Bogazkere 2011

2011. At Ottoman Taverna earlier this week. Paired well with kibbeh and lahmacun. When first opened, the cherry-berry aromas dominated the oak and the tannins were a little drying but not harsh. As it warmed, the vanilla and sweeter oak came forward. — 3 years ago

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Reserve Kalecik Karası 2012

Nearly extinct red grape named (Kalecik, Turkey) after its place of origin. Wonderful aromas of black cherry, black licorice and menthol. Dark cherry, cranberry and blackberry fruit flavors are highlighted by notes of basil, eucalyptus, black tea and pepper spice. Ruby red color, medium bodied with a soft and lovely mellow finish. Hints of the French Oak Barrels this wine was aged in. Quite good. Thanks Ron B! — 7 months ago

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Prodom Dry Kalecik Karası 2017

Like a pinot noir. Excellent. — 2 years ago

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Yaşasın Brut Kalecik Karası Roze 2015

Incredible! I would go as far as comparing it to a Dom Perignon Rosé — 3 years ago