Jarvis Winery

Jarvis Winery

Estate Grown Cave Fermented Napa Valley Petit Verdot 2007

Great when you pour it in your glass for the first few minutes and then it just falls apart. Was really nice at one point in the past I am sure. The beginning was great. — 4 years ago

Philip IsherwoodTim Edwards
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Shay A

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Big fan of Jarvis wines

Jarvis Winery

Estate Grown Cave Fermented Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 1996

Excellent wine. We kept it until 2015 and it was worth the wait. — 7 years ago


Napa Valley Chardonnay 2012

Shay A

@Benjamin Keator had his hosting at the CC tonight and it was absolutely incredible. What a night of gorgeous wines! All wines are guessed blind.

The third white in an insane flight of Chardonnays. I guessed all were Cali (they were), and guessed they are all 2012 (they were). I actually guessed this was either Kongsgaard or Jarvis Finch Hollow, so half right? Richly gold in the glass (Kongsgaard giveaway). Acidity was fairly high which was surprising. Honeyed fruit and honeycomb. Always unique and always fantastic.
— 4 years ago

Benjamin KeatorWeston EidsonDavid Schoonover
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Martin Sher

Martin Sher

@Benjamin Keator @Shay A totally agree - Kongsgaard will be excellent now but if you can keep your hands off a few years you’ll reap greater rewards. Cheers to you on a stunning lineup!
Benjamin Keator

Benjamin Keator

I have a lot of Kongsgaard, particularly the 2012. This is the only vintage that needed 4 years in bottle and an hour full decant to reach its potential. Most Kongsgaard chards drink much better upon release. I actually think this vintage is going to surpass the 12 Judge. The typical Kongsgaard butterscotch and nuttiness is finally starting to show in the ‘12’s. The Kings Farm is what really impressed me last night. I thought it just about stole the show. Good thing I have 10 more bottles. But this is all just my opinion 😬
Shay A

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@Benjamin Keator : Didn’t even know the Kong’s Farm existed, and as you heard last night, it was most people’s’ favorite if the flight, but most people kept saying each wine was their favorite at different times throughout the meal...they were all incredible!

Jarvis Winery

Estate Grown Cave Fermented Napa Valley Merlot 2007

Maybe a bit past it's prime but still great — 7 years ago

Morlet Family Vineyards

La Proportion Dorée Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend 2012

Very good but the Jarvis that I️ uncorked immediately thereafter blew it away! — 5 years ago

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David L

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Baby.. needs a heavy decanting. Great bottle. Try again in 2019.
Shawn R

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Time is all it needs.

Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard

Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir 2003

The last of the old Wente Selections at their Jarvis Vineyard. Chewy tannins, bristling acidity and still loads of fruit make this one I wish that I had aged another 10+ years. Very intense, with a strong underlayment of forest duff, leather and perhaps just a touch of barnyard/Brett character that evokes older Burgundies. Feels like drinking a slice of history. — 6 years ago

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Brian Arden

Napa Valley Cabernet Franc

Brian Arden cab franc. Caldwell proprietary red. Caldwell Escape artist. Jarvis reserve cab. It was a good night. :) — 7 years ago

Jarvis Tomei

Lady Slipper Rosé 2012

2012 vintage - apricots, cherries, bit of creaminess — 7 years ago