Grappa Marolo


Liquore Nocino

Last of our honeymoon grappa. Bought at the Balsamico factory and worth every Euro - sharp, plummy, a jolly good finish to any meal. Sad to see it go! — 13 days ago

Jasmine Chan
with Jasmine


Brunate Barolo Nebbiolo 2015


Aromas of pips and grappa, very Pinot noiresque with rich luscious red and black fruit and a hint of Paprika #nebbiolo #barolo — 2 months ago

Rosario Molina
with Rosario
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Distilleria Romano Levi

Signorina Camille Grappa

Delightful. — 5 months ago

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Nikka Whisky Distilling Company

Nikka Pure Malt Whisky

Medium Dark amber unctiousness. So pleasant; apricot with peach weight decadence meets drizzled caramel and baked apple that brings pine forest fire sharply, hot and precise, before grilled yellow peppers and lava salt unfold to daffodil delicate and ethereal. Nose of golden tears. You drink in acanthus long before your sip; gum Arabic, hot orange honey and graphite. Mocha tobacco, bourbon barrel aged grappa, smoke of charred pit pig fat, roasted Tabasco pepper, and cinnamon oil and green olive grapple over cracked black pepper, anise seed, lavender oil, oregano oil and charred orange peel. Disturbs the mind in its swing from darkness to light, from life to death and finally rebirth. Volcanic and chaotic, but ripe for life and ultimately reverberating in possibility. #nikka #nikkawhisky #nikkapuremalt #taketsuruwhisky #thenikkawhiskydistillingco #whisky #japan #japanesewhisky #nippon #nipponwhisky #masetakataketsuru #yoichi #miyagikyo #whiskey — 6 days ago

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La Garagista

Harlots & Ruffians White Blend 2018

Bitter citrus tart. Savory - woody/pinecone-y. Reminiscent of fortified wine...and also grappa (?!) — 4 months ago

Greg Bencivengo
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Levi Serafino

Neive Grappa Della Donna Selvatica

Grainy. Delish. — 5 months ago

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Grappa Invecchiata Riserva Ducale Oro

One of our favorite Chianti Classico’s — 2 months ago

Levi Serafino

Neive Grappa

Levi Serafina Grappa from Neive in Alba. I think it is 1998 and 53% abv. I could be wrong. Very aromatic. Herbal and complex. Strong! — 3 months ago

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Bortolo Nardini

Ginepro del Grappa

— 4 months ago

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Germano Ettore

Grappa Di Nascetta

Purchased at winery. €18. — a year ago