Single Estate Aged 8 Years Barrel Aged Genever

8 years barrel aged jenever, used to be in a jug, new outfit. My favorite jenever. Night cap. — 4 months ago

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Young Genever Jonge 2014

Moores. NV. $23. Great cheap gin. — 8 years ago

Ryme Cellars

Las Brisas Vineyard Pinot Noir 2013

Noticeable aromas of whole cluster fermentation (genever, mescal, and paraffin). Nicely integrated oak tannins and restrained fruits. — 9 years ago

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Domaine du Closel-Château des Vaults

Les Caillardieres Savennières Chenin Blanc 2019

Chenin that takes you on a minty, herbal trip down a windy mountain road. Flowery perfume with a lemon and lime twist and a presence of genever and mysterious botanicals sitting with quiet confidence in the background. Deftly balances so many high octane elements that they all land with a perplexing, almost still harmony, finally enveloped by just a whisper of nostalgia-inducing sweetness on the finish. Epitome of the cool, clear-eyed fruit of Savennieres. Hard to believe that this will probably get even better. 9.6+ — a year ago

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Caledonia Spirits

Barr Hill Gin

This was unique. In a good way. It honestly reminded me of a genever. Lovely drink. — 8 years ago

Old Schiedam

Single Cask Genever 2008

Excellent Dutch Jenever from 2008, bottled in 2012 — 9 years ago

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St. George Spirits

Dry Rye Gin

London dry gin still meets Genever, much more malt and sweeter. — 6 years ago


Jonge Genever

Extremely good basic jenever — 7 years ago

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Genever Style Gin

Massively aromatic and perfumey. Elegant on the palate. Ginger is present. — 8 years ago


Single Barrel Zeer Oude Genever 5 Year

Mark and Julie are aMAZING! — 9 years ago