Gavalas Winery

Gavalas Winery

Santorini Dry Assyrtiko 2021

Dry, crisp, full bodied, medium acidity, blend of orange and olive oil bouquet, perfect paired with a simple, lemon-seasoned white fish (we had it with a grilled sea bass and lemon potatoes). — a month ago

Gavalas Winery

Santorini Mavrotragano 2015

Лучшее мавротрагано острова. Сырой брусничный сок, рябина, вишня, темно. Вкус полный, чуть сладковато. Специи. Кислотность в норме. Очень хорошо. — 5 years ago

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Gavalas Winery

Katsano Blend 2013

Wax, hints of kerosene and rubber, stone fruits, orange peel. Medium body, well textured and a pleasure to drink. — 6 years ago

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Santorini Assyrtiko 2022

Great connection to Santorini, smooth from start to finish. The bottle is unique. The 2022, medium acidity, mixed with hints of citrus pear and peach. — 3 months ago

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Natural Ferment Santorini Dry White Blend 2017

Now I know that natural ferment is a good thing. — 5 years ago

Gavalas Winery

Voudomato Rosé 2016

Яркая клубника, чуть сливочного масла. Прекрасно сбалансированное розе, отлично! — 6 years ago

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Gavalas Winery

Vinsanto Santorini Assyrtiko Blend 2009

Medium brown; aromas of dried fruit and nuts; lusciously sweet — 6 years ago

Gavalas Winery

Nykteri White Blend 2015

Smooth, silky and velvety. — 2 years ago

Gavalas Winery

Santorin Nikteri Assyrtiko 2016

Creamy pear and a bit of butter -- lovely reminder of Santorini — 4 years ago

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Gavalas Winery

Aidani White Blend 2014

Зеленое яблоко, какие-то травяные нотки, сырость, кожурка груши. Вкус полный, взрывной, масляно, медово. Короткое послевкусие, мед, лимон. — 6 years ago

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