Anders Frederik Steen

RdT Ardèche Syrah Blend

27 Dec dinner at Violet Oon w M, Katja, George, Adelia, Emelia, Cory, Summer, Quinn. Textured, rich, fruity.

This is eccentric, idiosyncratic Anders at its finest,. This is a blend of Syrah and Grenache Blanc alongside 6 varieties of red and white grapes usually intended for eating (Muscat Noir, Muscat Blanc, Chasselas, Italia, Ribol and Cardinal) Sour cherry fruit, floral, and GULPABLE.

Rouge 2019 from Ardéche.

Raisins de Table (Muscat blanc, Muscat Noir, Chasselas, Italia, Ribol Noir and Cardinal), Syrah & Grenache Blanc. 13,5% alc. The destemmed Raisins de Table and Grenache Blanc have been macerated in the pressurage direct juice of Syrah, for 6 weeks. After maceration the grapes were pressed for 3 days in our little vertical pressoir. The following fermentation took place in barriques for almost 11 months without soutirage. All fermentation has been on the yeast (sur lie). Bottled the 22nd of August 2020. Light red wine with a very solid expression. Many things are going on, on an aromatic level. Both Muscat and Grenache Blanc are very easily recognized.
— 5 months ago

Anders Frederik Steen

The Sound of People Clapping Improves When it's Raining Grenache Blanc - Grenache Noir Blend 2020

Vibrant and unwound after a day. Herbaceous and purple with some of the deeper grenache tendencies buoyed by the blanc — 8 months ago

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Anders Frederik Steen

Washing my Eyes in the soft Summer Rain

Chef Kang. AFS. Washing my eyes in the soft summer rain. Translucent purple. Signature VA. Really opened up after 2 hours. Expressive of fruits and berries. Beautiful wine. — 8 months ago

Anders Frederik Steen

Now is when I know I Love you Orange Chardonnay

40th at home. Orange wine that turned cloudy purple after a while. Quite tannic. Supremely enjoyable. — 8 months ago

Anders Frederik Steen

La Femme à qui? Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot

1st Jan 2023. Hints of cider. Orange/rosé pet nat. Lively, energetic.

[Winemaker’s notes:] “This PétNat is 50% apple juice from an organic farm near Valvignères and 50% juice of red grapes from Domaine du Mazel (mainly merlot and cabernet sauvignon). The juice of the grapes and the apples have been co-fermenting since the pressing of the apples. The colour is like a rosé, light/peachy. Taste-wise, the nose gives a sensation of cider, but on the palate you’ll only find flavours of wine. The mixture of flavours is very very interesting. The bubbles are small and delicate. There’s no sugar left, i.e., a dry PétNat.”

“A beautiful shade of peach, this subtle, delicate sparkling wine sits somewhere between a cider and rosé in style.” Tutto Wines
— 5 months ago

Anders Frederik Steen

Come walk with me and wonder a little Grenache Blanc 2018

Da Dong w Sebastien Morin.

“The Grenache Blanc is already dry and tastes really good; the freshness and acidity are still intact, and the saltiness is well integrated. Also, the little bitterness from the slow press starting to show.” - Sunday, March 3, 2019 | Valvignères, France

“Our first Grenache Blanc. The attention we showed to the grapes before and during harvest, combined with the way we pressed, is paying off. It’s a wine full of flavours and length, which isn’t typical of 2018.” - Sunday, May 25, 2019 | Valvignères, France
— 6 months ago

Anders Frederik Steen

Let's Go Disco Rosé Blend

Pop rocks texture. Nose of mimosa. Color of fun. Blood orange/grapefruit rinds. Peach rings. Third child birth (Emma). Drank queen’s English English on a last night of dc. — 8 months ago

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