Foreign Affairs

Familia Zuccardi

Poligonos del Valle de Uco San Pablo Malbec 2018

Hallmark Malbec recommended by Binnys . Perfect for dinner parties when we want something foreign and and as an additional wine along with a Pinot Noir. — 2 months ago

Weingut Zahel

Orange T Orangetraube

“I dreamed of the glamorous life of the foreign correspondent: prowling Vienna in a Burberry trench coat, speaking a dozen languages to dangerous women, narrowly escaping Sardinian bandits” — a year ago

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Légion Etrangère

Cuvée du Terroir Côtes de Provence Red Blend

Meaningful bottle of wine. This was a gift to me from the 70th anniversary of D-Day. I’d like to thank the French Foreign Legion for making the wine. I enjoyed airdropping the French Foreign Legion and the 101 Airborne Devision from the U.S. on the 70th anniversary of D-Day. We are 75 years out now and I would love to commemorate the brave souls that took part on the D-Day invasion. God Bless you all. You are true heroes. 75 years out I commend the greatest generation. — a year ago

Grace Bellato
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The Foreign Affair

The Conspiracy Niagara Peninsula Cabernet Sauvignon Blend

medium body, moderate fruit jammy flavor, smooth and easy drinking. didn't need much breathing time. Enjoyed it, would buy again. — 4 months ago

The Foreign Affair

Ciao PInot Noir 2013

We've had this cellared for 3+ years and damn was it worth the wait! Incredibly balanced fruit- cherries, plums, dried fruit, spices, sugar, very light tannins. Goes amazingly with wild Lapin au Vin. — 7 months ago

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Jean Noel Gagnard

Les Chaumées Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru Chardonnay

Drinking great Well appointed with honeysuckle tones that are foreign to CA — 2 years ago


Gestad Syrah 2015

Plummy with some spice. Maybe some faint blueberries. Very mouth coating. Deep with licorice on the finish. Not sure I would guess Syrah blind. More like a dark pinot. Not huge acid but sparkly on the palate.

That’s the great thing about Ziereisen. He makes some of his wines from foreign grapes and they taste great but unlike anything you’ve had.

I thought that this was corked but the aromatics are fine after 45 minutes. So if you smell some mist it’s not corked. Chill out and it will blow off. Nose has some lovely spice.

Bought from Fass selections.

.... ok as this opens more it’s getting whack. Internal aromatics are explosive. Deep dense plums. Intense spice that literally cluster bomb all over your palate. Wow. A German just outsyrahed 95% of the Rhône. I may just bail on life and live next to Hanspeter. All hail hanspeter.
— 2 years ago

Lyle Fass
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Lyle Fass

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All Z wines need mega air and age and last days open.

Guinness Ltd.

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

So very class! Black as space, with a nebula of chestnut. Rides high, but dismounts to palomino stars and bubble islands. Swirl it and it stacks right back up! Witchy runes and dismembered arms clutching axes narrate the lacing. Pecan and hazelnut, charred caramel, bitter chocolate and black bread with burnt caraway and salted licorice! That’s just the nose. Medium mouthfeel drops pure dark chocolate to coat the tongue, blackened brittle, a treacle touch that hardens like toffee over rye. Fine coffee, black, but home from the pub smelling of vanilla, a bitter bout with chit and chicory, but nutty like baked walnut atop a brownie. Delicious stuff! Glad I revisited! Just the balm to soothe a weathered soul in a time of crisis. Cheers!
#guinness #guinessstout #guinnessforeignstout #irishbeer #irishstout #stout #guinnessforeignextrastout #extrastout #beer #bier #biere #birra #cerveza #cerveja #darkbeer
— 7 months ago

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Rita Ferriera

Conceito Branco White Blend 2017

This is exceptional and wise beyond years for a young winemaker like Rita Ferreira. A medley of foreign grapes, it has my favorite parts of white Burgundy. Restrained oak with lively fresh acid and citrus fruits that slip like nothing into orchard fruits of peaches and cherries. How can some so uniform come from so many parts? — a year ago

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Severn Goodwin

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I feel like you're supposed to make your own label for that bottle, all that white space.
Ely Cohn

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@Severn Goodwin the white space is where you write your initials so you know which bottle is yours
Severn Goodwin

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LOL perfect!

Joseph Phelps Vineyards

Insignia Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2010

2010 at foreign cinema With Lisa Ben and Amy — 2 years ago