Enfer D'arvier, Valle D'aosta

Danilo Thomain

Enfer D'Arvier Petit Rouge 2020

Whew came swimmin’ out this bouquet cause it is rich and enriching, cedar, clove, baking spices, forest floor, the spice of fresh velvet.

Only 16 cases were made and the little wine shop on Jones Street, Jones Street Wine, was nice enough to let me get my hands on one of their last bottles (1 of 5).

Crunchy — ✔️
Brambly — ✔️
Luscious — ✔️

Mouthwateringly good. Nice balance of spice and acid to wake up the buds. Little to no bitterness. Punchy fruit punches through. And that wonderful clove essence throughout.

Few wines make me write longer notes, but when I find one that does, I can’t seem to stop talking about them.

Aight time to drink it though…
— 9 days ago

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Very pretty fruity, floral Enfer d'Arvier. A touch of nicely accenting wood notes. — 6 years ago

Danilo Thomain

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Solid performer. Held on for a great finish and had great balance. Cool back story as well. — 8 years ago

Cave Coopérative de l'Enfer

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Rustic, earthy, and delicious. Great choice for one of the last nights at The Punchdown :( — 9 years ago