Domaine Canta Granouio

Pagos Del Rey

Canta Mañanas Ribera del Duero Tempranillo 2022

Nice Ribera del Duero in Madrid after a day trip to Toledo. — 2 months ago

Dave Rostker
with Dave
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Domaine de Canta Rainettes

Grande Reserve Red Blend

Gabin, Marcel et Ferdinand — 5 years ago

Bodega San Pedro Regalado

Canta Perdices Ribera del Duero Tempranillo

Delicioso!! Con la marce, ximena y agnim — 7 years ago


Barbaresco Nebbiolo 1969

Cena vini Patané morini canta — 8 years ago

Dominio del Aguila

Canta La Perdiz Ribera del Duero Tempranillo Blend 2016

Exceptional. Best Canta yet. — 2 years ago

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Luscinia Canta Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2009


At blue hill stone barn. Interesting. Good value — 4 years ago

Cantina Ribelà

Garbagorba 2016

Marissa A. Ross

Looks like gauze made from the brightest tropical coral. Smells like bing cherry morning dew dripping off cold gardenias. Tastes like you're devouring a watermelon filled with pomegranate juice trimmed with limestone, lemon rinds, and almond shavings. Refreshingly modern with a depth of terroir and tradition. Mio cuore canta (one of three Italian phrases I have DOWN). — 6 years ago

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Aia delle Monache

Il Gallo Di Fretta Canta All'alba Lontana Terre del Volturno Casavecchia 2017

This is not a blend, but 100% Casavecchia. Upon opening, the volcanic smokiness is immediately fragrant, and slightly perfumed. Dark berries, tannins, and minerals woven together. Delicious winter red!🍷 Also 👍 the very graphic designy label ...

Had the rest of the bottle with broiled salmon, cashew olive vinaigrette, wild mushrooms and polenta. It became veeeery mellow on day 2. Even better!
— 4 years ago

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