Dingač, Pelješac

Korta Katarina

Winemaker's Selection Plavac Mali

Korta Katarina Pelješac — 15 days ago

Ivica Radović

Dingač Plavac Mali


Very good.
— 3 years ago


Plavac Mali

Light toast, beautiful fruity aroma, alcohol is a bit high for the body but crazy tasty — 4 years ago

Robert IndelicatoKatie
with Robert and Katie

Vinarija Dingač

Plavac Mali 2015

Excellent croation wine... Lidl... — 2 years ago

Korta Katarina

Plavac Mali 2010

Excellent old school plavac mali, rich and tannic, not too heavily oaked — 3 years ago

Philipp Vina

Peljesac Zicada Postup

Art Oz

full bodied wine. High in alcohol, but you don’t necessarily taste it. It is well balanced. — 4 years ago


Plavac Mali 2014

Takes me back to Croatia. Terroir. Dry, sea, mineral. Love. Buy again. Stanley’s Wet Goods. — 4 years ago

Vinarija Madirazza

Grande Madirazza Riserva Dingac Red Blend

The waiter at Çakula Korkula suggested this bottle when we wanted a red wine with a dry finishing and slight tinge of sweet. Very decent bottle costing just under 50Euros. Loved it! — 3 years ago

Ivica Radović

Vinogorje Peljesac Dingač Plavac Mali

First time trying plavac Mali. Suggestion from server at Croatian restaurant. Nicely balanced wine. Paired will with smoky meat meal. Cooked down berry and non peppercorn spice. More on the earth side than fruit side for palette. Super clean finish. Fun to drink — 4 years ago

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Postup Plavac Mali 2013

Art Oz

beautiful light floral nose. Great balance in the palate — 4 years ago

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