Cristiano Guttarolo

Tyrrell's Wines

Hunter Valley Shiraz 2018

Inspired by @Ceccherini Cristiano and @Josh Morgenthau, decided to get curious about my local shops Aussie selection & found this. I’ve had good experiences w Hunter Valley whites before, so this Shiraz was correspondingly fresh, restrained in any oak monster(apparently in large open oak vats), & had a lovely CDR savory quality. The blueberry/red fruits of Shiraz were there but more background & on nose as well. Not a big wine nor small-perhaps a shade over it’s listed 13.5%. Very well done, & for 21$, I dare say good QPR. — 2 months ago

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Ceccherini Cristiano

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@Peter Sultan well done mate!! Tyrrell is a great reality. One of the first wineries to establish in Hunter Valley and probably the only one that hasn't given up the family's identity.

Cantine Guttarolo

Carsia Verdeca

From Puglia, between Bari and Taranto. The varietal is rare from Southern Italy, now almost exclusively in this area which features limestone soils from the Carsic era (hence the name). Lots of energy, bright acidity, crisp. This would pair very well with sushi. $32 — 7 months ago

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The Islander Estate Vineyards

Wally White 2012

Lemon in colour. Another stunningly good Semillon and non Hunter Valley @Ceccherini Cristiano from Kangaroo Island of all places which was recently badly damaged by bushfires. The Islander is owned by Jacques Lurton and family of Cheval Blanc, other right bank wineries and wineries around the world. This wine was more Bordeaux Blanc than Hunter Valley in style with perfectly judged oak giving the wine a rich texture and excellent mouthfeel. Peachy ripe fruit which is unusual for a Semillon. A stunner. — a year ago

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Bob McDonald

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@ES Faiello Yes. I believe they have holdings in South America as well.
Ceccherini Cristiano

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@Bob McDonald that's very interesting. Have they actually been affected badly from the fires that you know? Thanks for the tip anyway🙏
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Tried looking online but got no info.

Cristiano Guttarolo

Miro Primitivo

Your grandmother lives in a far too cute rural cottage. You wake up in an antique timber cot, the house redolent with pot pourri. Mid morning sun pours through the broken screen door to an empty kitchen, where blackened steel pots are abundant, but no grandma. You push through the screen, to a wild, wild garden, overgrown with wildflowers, berries, citrus, tomato vines, and a cacophony of terracotta potted colour. Grandma beams in flowing Liberty print, nibbling a nasturtium, a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “Someone finally decided to wake up...” — 4 months ago

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Georgie would like that.

Fratelli Alessandria

Speziale Verduno Pelaverga 2015

Excellent Pelaverga di Verduno! Had it with Paolo, Gianluca and Cristiano at Vigin Mudest in Alba, paired it with carne cruda di fassone with black truffle and tagliolini. Memorable prelockdown reunion. — 7 months ago

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Shiraz Mataro 2015

It's a 10 to take a bit of attention please
Just for fun and a bit of enjoyable exchange I am starting a wine Instagram page to discuss what we like and express what we love: Wine!!
The above two were to celebrate a lovely evening home with my wife
Wendouree Shiraz Mataro2015 was a 9.3 plumpy with blueberry and red apples, white pepper and coriander seeds
Smooth, long
Hunter cabernets from Lakes Folly 2014
9.4plus you feel the oaka bit, bit it's vibrant with raspberry, red plums, tobacco, cigars box,
Long and so silky, but still refreshing

Thanks anyone that wants to join in at Vignetowine too

Cheers!! 🥂🥂
— a year ago

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Carlos Lucas

Dão Red Blend

What a little cracker! The best thing out of Portugal since Cristiano Ronaldo. A beautiful finish, worthy of Cristiano himself. Top Bins. — 6 months ago

Cristiano Guttarolo

Amphora Primitivo

Melony smell, lemony taste — 9 months ago

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Harlan Estate

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

(Testat blint). Ville inte att det här skulle vara bra. Men ack! Vinernas Cristiano Ronaldo. Extremt självsäkert och stöddig. Men sen går det och gör ett hattrick och avgör Champions Leauge-finalen. Man kan inte låta bli att bli golvad. En nästan omänsklig perfektion. Allt sitter. Alla klassiska Napa-smaker, en otrolig volym och kraft kombinerad med silkeslen dryckesupplevelse. Man vill bara dricka mer, glad att jag fick två glas. Kommer kanske aldrig få testa igen, men minnet kommer leva kvar. — a year ago

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