Cappadocia, Ankara


Öküzgözü-Bogazkere 2021

Really intense dark reddish purple hues with equally powerful aromatics of plums, black currant, and lots of baking spice. Some cherry tang too, if that’s a thing. Aromatic pipe tobacco notes. Stony and dusty. Yum! Huge body and mouthfeel to match. Long and satisfying finish. 14.5% alcohol!

Really unique wine making style in that some of it is aged in tuff “tanks” carved into the ground. Kocabağ is the only one of the three commercial wineries in Cappadocia to use such tanks, and they may very easily be the only winery in the world to do so.
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Jillian Varner
with Jillian


Kalecik Karası 2012

Lavender, floral, cherry.... pungent and lovely, though quite short — 3 years ago

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Kapadokya Öküzgözü 2019

Says dry but not really. Good fruity nose. Light. — 3 years ago


Côtes d'Avanos Chateau Serie Chardonnay Narince 2022

First Turkish wine I've ever had. Nice minerality with a crazy spicy finish — 2 months ago


Öküzgözü 2019

Pretty good - light and good for a summer red. But not my usual red - lacks tannins or depth. — 2 years ago


Yakut Öküzgözü

Loved it, very smooth but with very little sweetness. — 3 years ago

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Kalecik Öküzgözü 2018

3 course meal at Safron — 3 years ago

Guney Platosu-Denizli

Arti Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2011

#turkishwine #turkishwines #wineofturkey #winesofturkey — a year ago

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Reserve Dry Bogazkere 2011

Extraordinary Bogazkere tasting of cranberry and pomegranate, and having an earthy nose. Light in body and a great accompaniment to a wide range of foods and cheeses. — a year ago



Not dry like on the bottle but a very strong berry taste and the berry lingers after in a good way. — 3 years ago