Cantina Giardino

Cantina Giardino

Vino Bianco Fiano Blend

Super funky. Bright, almost unripe apricot. Smooth tingly finish. — 7 days ago

Cantina Giardino

Vino Rosato Rosé Blend

Ben’s house - oct 2019. Light red
Also recommended by Molly
— 3 years ago

Cantina Giardino

Vino Bianco Metodo Olimpia Greco

Frenchette!! Skin contact pet nat. Need to try more CG — 4 years ago

Cantina Giardino

Irpina Rosso Red Blend

Another VA wine BUT really good. Water replacer. Good road juice. — 4 years ago

Les Vignes du Domaine du Temps

La Combe du Temps Syrah Grenache 2017

I attended the Raw Wine Fair the last two years and these wines always made an impression in the large tasting format. I was able to bring back a bottle from Paris (I never saw them in the states) and am happy I did. The spicy, aromatic red fruit (and it’s velvety texture) from the Grenache speaks most assertively here, while the Syrah stalks quietly in the background. Nice bottle enjoyed with a spicy dry-rubbed and grilled NY strip. Outclassed by the Cantina Giardino aglianico if I do say so. — 2 years ago

Alex Spoto
with Alex
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Podere Giardino

Suoli Cataldi Reggiano Lambrusco Rosé 2005

a straight up watermelon jolly rancher! suave as hell! — 3 years ago

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Cantina Giardino

Tu-Tu Campania Fiano 2016

Hopped up orange funk. Wowza — 4 years ago

Cantina Giardino

Frizzante Aglianico Rosato 2018

Juicy, funky pep
— 2 years ago

Cantina Giardino

Anfora Vino Rosato

Funky and tart rose blend with some effervescence. Good daytime spring/summer wine. — 2 years ago

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Aziende Agricole Giardino - Serena

Vino Barolo Nebbiolo 1967

1967... this bottle nearly brought tears to my eyes. It was absolute perfection. The nose was strong and poised, offering an tobasco core, strong olive juice notes, with pepper and savory spices but this ethereal sweetness that just makes you return for another whiff. This just kept giving and giving - layer upon layer of complexity. The body was absolutely wonderful with medium - acid and completely fully integrated tannins. This had a slightly balsamic feel to it (of course) and pairing with a vine ripened tomato and salt was out of this world. This was an incredible bottle and one which I will not easily forget. — 4 years ago

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