Axel Pauly

Weingut Axel Pauly

Generations Rieling 2017

Barely dry! Rich with subtle fruit on the palate. Apricot and stone fruit. Wonderful value! — 23 days ago

Le Temps des Cerises

Axel Prüfer Vin de Table Avanti popolo 2019

Rhubarb, raspberries, and black tea. Light and tart. Great chilled. — 2 months ago

Axel Pauly

Trinkfluss Trocken White Blend 2017


Good acid, not overpowering; feels more substantial on the mouth; apple, mineral; smells smoky almost and Liz says cotton candy. Liz loves it; I like it. — 3 months ago

Axel Prüfer

La capitulation NE PAIE PAS Red Blend 2019

Cherries, bitter and bubbly. Cinsault. Make sure it’s chilled or it taste funky. — 13 days ago

Axel Prüfer

Le Temps des Cerises Un Pas de Coté Languedoc Roussillon Red Rhône Blend 2018

😍 2018. Susucaru-vibes. Tynd ribs. Mild lakrids. Vibrerende. — 2 months ago

Axel Prüfer

Le Temps des Cerises à Oili Oili Oila Cinsault

100% cinsault. Super light, tart, chilled red. Sour cherry and strawberries. — 4 months ago

Dr. Pauly-Bergweiler

Bernkasteler Badstube Auslese Riesling 2008

Pale straw colour. Very shy right after opening with extremely subtle aromas. It wasn’t off or funky in anyway, just really restrained. It was served very chilled which likely had something to do with this. After half an hour, it did open up with peasant apricots and honey. In the mouth, it was a really soothing texture, built of equal balance between sweet and acidic. Some melon and grass and flint but also that classic honeyed caramel. It was long and is in a lovely spot right now. Surely to age further but right as the rain if you can’t wait. Today was our 5th anniversary and I couldn’t think of a better wine to toast my bride. 🥂 👰 — 23 days ago

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Axel Prüfer

Le Temps des Cerises Vin de Table Fou du Roi

Super strong cherries and cinnamon on the nose, watery finish if served too chilled but I still love it. Listen to the suggested temp. It is magical. Shannon wine — 2 months ago