Kuyen Valle Del Maipo Syrah Blend 2017

Juicy, lively black and purple fruit; sappy blackberry, black currant and mint. Pungent, wafting fruit, musty with a touch of earth. Sweet and extracted (but not overboard) on the palate. Finishes with crushed stone, granite and bitter herbs. Only medium acid, but really packed with fruit and minerals that provide an energetic presence. Savory lingering finish. I think it will age nicely. Underrated (way) on delectable in my opinion. — 2 months ago

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Vinedo Escorial Carménère 2011

Sanjuana Walters

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Pura Fe Maipo Valley Garnacha Syrah 2017

Nice and smooth red fruit with the lightest hint of minerality — 6 months ago


Valle Del Maipo Carménère Blend 2015

David T

This is the Antiyal Valle de Maipo. It’s 48% Carmenere, 36% Cabernet and 16% Syrah.

I only tasted two wines at Antiyal. This one and an unlabeled 2016 Syrah/Garnacha blend. Sadly, I was not in a position to take detailed notes.

This Carmenere, Cabernet and Syrah blend was a pop & pour. Despite this, it was full of ripe dark currants. The body was full. Tannins nicely rounded. The wine drank beautiful young with a nice round structure and showed beautiful elegance.

Their label pays homage to the indigenous native Indian population in the Southern part of Chile. They are sadly being treated much the way the Yanks treated North American Indians only at a much later date. For years, they were left alone. Until recently, the Chilean Government has given their land rights to Corporation since the unification of Chile.

Antiyal started small as a Garage producer. Their first production was 3,000 bottles. They’ve now grown to around 15,000 bottles with added hectares directly across the street.

Alvaro (Co-Owner-Winemaker) and his wife Marina are salt of the earth people. They started this winery in a garage and have grown into a medium size Viña in Maipo.

They believe in being completely bio-dynamic and enjoying walking the walk. They put everything from their farm and vine waste back into the vineyard. They create compost for the year from their farm animals and Viña leftovers (unused grapes, stems, canes, leaves, cow manure etc.) They also do everything by the cycle of the moon.

It was a pleasure to spend a couple hours with them walking their vineyards and talking about their amazing practices. Very enjoyable afternoon.

I thank them for all their time and sharing their knowledge.

Photos of; their Estate vines with the Andes Mountains from their Viña rooftop, milk cow, used oak barrel (no new oak use) and one of their Vina buildings.
— 3 years ago

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Great story you found!


Pura Fe Maipo Valley Carmenere 2016

This is my first Carmenere since I visited Chili in 2015. Aged in older barrels so no strong oak or vanilla notes but still noticable. Medium-bodied with plumb and chocolate notes. Pleasant and very drinkable. I wonder how this grape will express itself without the oak aging. — 9 months ago


Pura Fe Cabernet Sauvignon

Awesome mouthfeel — 4 years ago


Red Blend 2008

Nice blend thanks Aj — 7 years ago