Capitel Croce Garganega 2017

Well…..what? Really? Why?
Because it‘s like silk on your tongue.
— 2 months ago

Kathrin Knill
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Giuseppe & Luigi Anselmi

Friuli Latisana Pinot Grigio

Very dry, but the nose is rich: an apple, a pear, mineral (wet stone). — 3 years ago

Giuseppe & Luigi Anselmi

Cabernet Sauvignon

Amazing cheep wine from Lidl — 4 years ago

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Giuseppe & Luigi Anselmi

Friuli Merlot

Great if one enjoys sweet wine - not a lot of complexity here but extreme syrupy sweetness indeed — 5 years ago

Reguta di Anselmi Giuseppe e Luigi

Friuli Friulano

Neutral and delightful — 6 months ago

TwiLea Fletcher
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San Vincenzo Bianco Veneto Sauvignon Blanc Blend 2020

Lychee! Yellow apple. Medium viscous medium acid — 2 years ago

Reguta di Anselmi Giuseppe e Luigi

La Reguta Traminer Aromatico

Nice, very tasty, very 'aromatico'. It's like a moscato (moscadet, muskat, muszkat): but dry and mild. There's no difference (IMHO) between German gewurztraminer and Italian traminer. This one is floral (a rose?), citrus (mild!) with a peach. With a low acidity. — 4 years ago


Recioto Amarone della Valpolicella Corvina Blend 1988

Cellared from release and still going strong — a year ago

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Giuseppe & Luigi Anselmi


The magic happens before it’s in the bottle
— a year ago

Neal Ferry
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Jay Kline

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Great value bubbles right there


Capitel Foscarino Veneto IGT Garganega 2018

Citrus white flowers and acid. — 4 years ago