Alentejano, Portugal


Preta Vinho Regional Alentejano Red Blend 2008

Notes of minerality and pepper and very easy on the palate. Probably would have been best to decant it beforehand but it settled down nicely. — 6 days ago

Trish Gunther
with Trish


Vinho Regional Alentejano 2019

This is a funny one too. My line manager (polish, her) is one the greatest wine lover I know. We've been working with one another for over 2 and half years but she's been my boss since January. We always have had that lovely habit to exchange wine bottles. Every time she travels and attends to tastings she would bring back a bottle to me and the other way around. This year I brought her back one of those white Beaujolais I shared earlier this month and she brought me back this one from Portugal.
Nice nose with black currant, bacon, smoke, blackberry even. This is intoxicating. The palate is easy going with a strong acid backbone and a lot of matter all along. Some width, some of these smokey notes, some tannins too in midpalate, that power up a good long smokey, fruity finish with some freshness. This is overall rather very good!
— a month ago

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Adega Mayor

Reserva do Comendador White Blend 2016

Like a lightly orange juiced mimosa without the bubble! Sunshine citrus including tangerine and white grapefruit. A note of sweetness jumps mid palate then finished crisp and dry with ample acid. Love this citrus refresher. — 14 days ago

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Monte dos Perdigões

Vale do Rico Homem Reserva Red Blend

Intense and so well balanced.
One of the best from Alentejo at an accessible price.
— 19 days ago

Rui Reguinga

Terrenus Reserva Vinho Regional Alentejano Red Blend

I think we had the 2011 or 2010 - in Porto. It was delicious. Really full, heavy tannins but still balanced - absolutely delicious — 25 days ago

Herdade Do Rocim

Reserva Vinho Regional Alentejano Red Blend 2018

Just a wonderful WOM 7-21. Very well balanced. Oaky! Loved it. — 3 days ago

Herdade Dacalada

Reserva Baron de B. Antão Vaz 2016

Very aromatic. Overwhelming. A dark fruit: blackberry, plum. Then: a cigar. Long finish with spicy notes. Love it. — 6 days ago


Carta Alentejano Red Blend

Very bright and jammy, paired with chocolate blueberries and it was delicious. Would buy again — 22 days ago

Symington Family Estates

Quinta da Fonte Souto Arinto Verdelho 2019

Delicious. Is that the least or most useful tasting note? But this is. It’s is a rich dish that someone thought fit to squeeze a lemon on to brighten that dish up. The new oak is in play and probably the biggest factor, but the acid is there—somehow gently cutting through.
Something still keeps it from being transcendent but you are definitely going to desire a second glass.
— a month ago

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Shawn Thompson

Shawn Thompson

“Delicious” is always my go-to as well! Always enjoy your reviews. Cheers 🥂
Ellen Clifford

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@Shawn Thompson thank you! It’s true—you can give all the details but sometimes “delicious” is just the truth