Aizu Homare

Huchu Homare Brewery

Watari Bune Shiboritate Namazake Genshu Junmai 55 Ginjo Sake

Dry and bold with just a hint of floral and fruit. Great in the mouth, will drink again. — 8 months ago

Amelia Meier
with Amelia

Huchu Homare

Aladdin Bottle Fukushima no Sake Nigorizake

Nice Nigori, not as sweet as many. Enjoying at Shabu House in SF — 5 years ago

Tsurunoe Shuzo

Aizu Chujou Junmai Sake

Katy Wilson

Research for #ipob Japan. @In Pursuit of Balance — 6 years ago

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Huchu Homare

Aladdin Bottle Fukushima no Sake Yuzushu

Like Limoncello and sake had a baby, light and citrus — 2 years ago

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Sugii Brewery

Suginishiki Homare-Fuji Yamahai Junmai

Tsuyoshi Enoki

Suginishiki/ Sugii shuzou/ Shizuoka prefecture/ Homare-Fuji/ yamahai junmai undiluted unpasteurized/ light note of minerals pineapple, and Koji mold, good harmony with rich and crispy acid, and complex and fresh texture. One of the best traditional style sake. — 6 years ago

Homare Sake Brewrey Co.

Tatsumigura Junmaiginjo Refined Sake

Labeled as Junmai Ginjo, but label indicates polished rate of rice at 50%. This is more in line with a  Junmai Daiginjo. Either way, this is best served chillled, but not cold. It can be served slightly warm, but the delicate fruity flavor will be degraded.  — 10 months ago

Homare Sake Shuzou

Aidzu Homare

Tsuyoshi Enoki

Fruity scents of melon, strawberry and pear.
Mild and smooth sweet attack with fruity nuance, clear good acid,smooth finish
— 5 years ago

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Huchu Homare Brewery

Taiheikai Tokubetsu Junmai Sake

Intense, highly focused Junmai. Concentrated, viscous mouthfeel, great complexity, prevalent acid holding all together with a long finish. Holds up to rich spicy food as well as great stand alone for an interesting sipper. — 6 years ago