Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Blue Hen Vodka

Finishing Off A Bottle Of Blood Orange #Vodka by @dogfishbeer From A 2012 Wedding In Rehoboth, DE ~ Deeeli$h — 3 years ago

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Daron Watson

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Hey @Delectablewine Delectablewine ~ I Think You Should Change From Maryland To Delaware


Noble Russian Vodka

Probably the best vodka I've tasted so far, full nose with sugary white flowers, velvety start and incredibly soft finish. The smoothness on the tongue is not thick, more like a gentle apricot with a subtle crispness which doesn't feel alcoholic -at all. The openness is incredible with a vastness in the aftertaste which puts it a notch above the excellent Juravli. #vodkacanindeedtasteincredible #Russiaknowsitsshit #vodka #delicately #subtle #flowers #fullbody #stopdrinkingstupidvodka #unearthly — 4 years ago

Andrej Simcenko
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Vanilla Bean Vodka

My life will be complete once I have a milkshake made with Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream and this. #corsair #vodka — 5 years ago

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