Alvarado Street Brewery

The Boysen Back In Town Kettle Sour Ale

Not a sour. And sorry for the long story I'm about to tell but about to advertise for you guys a great future craft brew brand. It's one of the best stouts I've had. Had it at least 30 times and it's always on spot perfect. Look up this brewery, they've been around 3 years and their record with GABF is on point with what I taste and that makes me happy it's local. I've been going here for 3 years since college and now that they have cans distributed across the east and west coast... I've gotta say this is the dream if your local products.

It really is what I scored it, and it's only their second best beer. Even other brewhouses like deschutes, ballast point won't get this much respect from me and I lived in San Diego for a time bowing to the original sculpin recipe before they sold out. The expression of cacao nibs on this are AMAZING. Clear as day, in your face. Stands out heavily with a creamy burly texture. The finish is smooth and clean at 5.5% alcohol for a young nitro release. They distribute to west and east coast now.. they're the next ballast point/Sierra Nevada you name it. Every night there's at least 150 covers at this bar year round, I'll leave it at that. Mai Tai PA is the next legendary beer though.
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— 3 years ago

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Chris Parrino

Chris Parrino

@Bill Bender $4/can and the guy who started this place had a tiny brew spot in PB.. I never went there but seems like that was a test run to make this brand
Bill Bender

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@Chris Parrino when you say PB where are you referring to? We have a local area here called Pacific Beach
Chris Parrino

Chris Parrino

I think you've posted a lot of stuff from SD and I lived there for a bit for part of college. But he had a place called amplified ale works I think it was in Pacific Beach. I read the restaurant about us page not long ago, place is a huge deal out here.