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California Chardonnay 2020

Golden hay color
On nose
#honey #pear apple, #melon #butter brie cheese, flower petals.
Smooth on the mouth, refreshing and buttery, just as you would look in a chardonnay from napa.
I had it with pan fried salmon with lemon-butter. Risotto and salad, worked perfectly.
— 4 months ago

Domaine Saint-Michel

Raclot Rully 1er Cru Chardonnay 2006

This is my first oaked Chardonnay from Burgundy. This type of wine is on my "wish list," and this particular wine does enough to encourage me to seek out more examples. The glass has a deep gold color showing its age, and my sense is that this wine is past its prime. But, I love the aromas of buttered white bread and honey, which remind me of walking into a good local bakery. Subtle scents of pears and pineapples compliment the baked aromas, leading to a creamy, full, long-lasting, rich, tart and slightly waxy finish. #rully #butter — 6 years ago

Leo Buring

Leonay DW T17 Rhine Riesling 1990

An Australian icon-aged Clare Valley Riesling (in those days called Rhine Riesling unfortunately due to our country's slim knowledge base but later corrected against a barrage of opposition from conservatives and industrial makers of riesling, but not using riesling!) Classic glass of flavour; #honey #burnttoast #agedriesling #brulee #butter #crunch #yum #mouthful #watervale #treasuryestates ; wine made by the great man John Vickery before his defection to Richmond Grove when the Fosters people closed the brand down; but now it is back! Wine won three gold medals in the year of production-1990; probably never shown since. 12.5%; 1990 a terrific red year, usually not so for riesling; this had backbone; sweet acidity; nut power. — 8 years ago

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