Domaine des Lambrays

Clos des Lambrays Grand Cru Pinot Noir 2006

Makes up for the Armand. Beautiful right out of the cellar into the decanter. Translucent garnet, even cold the nose is pretty and lithe, with strawberries, light cherry, soy, mild earth. Still cellar temp too, will follow up in a bit with palate notes and rating; it's a little muted right now at 55 degrees, but very promising so far.

Follow up... palate opened up with time and temp but give it some fatty food now or another decade in the cellar, tannins still have some resolving to do. Get a strawberry cream to the nose now too, subtle mint, spice...young, but very good, bottle for
— 4 years ago

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#bastilleday and a Morey-Saint-Denis filled evening