Hangar One

Straight Hand-made Vodka

Sipping on ice. So lovely. — 25 days ago

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Jacquesson & Fils

Cuvée No. 739 Extra Brut Champagne

Stunningly golden in color, an amazing display in the Gabriel Glas!

Nose has toasted Italian bread, ripe yellow apple, beeswax, wet chalk and old lemon. Mature nose.

Palate has nutty wheat bread, oxidized yellow apple, dried lemon pith and risen bread dough.

A fabulous bottle, likely can see 2021-2026, in proper storage with no concerns. I really wish we bought more Jacquesson, like Bérèche & Chartogne-Taillet, they always over-deliver for the price point.

264,292 750ml, 10,250 1500ml & 304 3000ml produced, this bottle was merely the 750ml 🤷🏻‍♂️

Vinous Footnote: In 2011, Jacquesson did not bottle any lieu-dits. All the best fruit went into the 739. The blend is 57% Chardonnay, 21% Pinot Noir and 22% Pinot Meunier, with 31% reserve wines. Disgorged October, 2015. Dosage was 3.5 grams per liter. (AG) (8/2016)
— a month ago

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Muralee Murugesu

Muralee Murugesu

One of my favourites
Severn Goodwin

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@Muralee Murugesu Our last bottle, prior was about 4 years ago, a better experience today.


La Grande Cuvée Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Wife: I want Sancerre.
Me: None of it is 'ready', maybe later this year or next year.
Wife: Then just pick something...
Me: This OK?
Wife: Yum, lemons!

Nose has fresh lemon peel, lemon zest, crushed wheat grass, apricot skin and wet stainless steel.

Palate has dried lemon, dried tangerine with a lingering herbal note, acidity is mostly mute now.

We enjoy inexpensive Bordeaux blanc, but it needs some age to cut the edges, like Sancerre (blanc). It's been nearly two years since our last bottle, I can't get over how stable this wine has been. Close to the end of the line, this bottle doesn't really have the structure for extended aging, but satisfying none the less. Fantastic QPR at ~15$. Last bottle 🤷🏻‍♂️
— 2 months ago

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@Chris MacLean Keeping it real! Thanks.
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Glad to be back @Severn Goodwin your posts have always been some of my favorites
Severn Goodwin

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Welcome home @Bill Bender don't post your 300 bottle backlog in one day, your feed will blow my mind.

Garage Wine Co.

Botijo Blanco Single Estate Garnacha

Цена в России - 740 рублей.
Гарнача Бланка - 100%
Виноградники площадью 6 га на высоте 460 м, на северо-восточном склоне. Возраст лоз от 25 лет. 30 часов мацерации без диоксида серы, автохтонные дрожжи. 15 дней в подземных цементных баках при температуре 18-20 градусов, 4 месяца выдержки в цементе на осадке без баттонажа. Органическое вино.
Цвет соломенный.
Нос: зелёное яблоко, груша, лайм, хрустящие тона, солома, полевые цветы. В развитии медовые тона, цветы, гравий, раскаленный песок, карамель. Красивое развитие. 
Атака яркая, с хрустящей кислотностью и лёгкой горечью, с нотами цедры лимона и яблочной косточки. Пряное послевкусие. 
Вино интересное. Возможно, посредством выдержки на осадке смогли с одной стороны добиться интересного носа, но в то же время во вкусе появилась горечь, из-за этого вино не очень питкое. Как вариант, можно сильно охладить, но тогда нос не будет таким красивым. 
В любом случае, это базовое вино линейки винодельни, к тому же это был виноград с не самого удачного склона! В общем, вино скорее понравилось, чем нет. 16/20.

Garnacha blanca 100%
6 hectares of vineyards are located at altitude of 460 meters, on northeast slope. Age of vines is above 25 years. Autochtonous yeast. 4 months in cement reservoirs sur lie without battonage. Organic wine.
Pale colour.
On the nose: green apple, pear, lime, wheat sticks, wild flowers. Later some honey notes, blossom dust, gravel, hot sand, caramel. Beautiful evolution of bouquet.
Bright on the palate, with crispy acidity and light bitterness, with tones of lemon zest and apple pit. Spicy finish.
Interesting wine. Probably, 'sur lie' aging helped to reach complex bouquet, but some bitterness occurred, and wine became less smooth. Optionally, one can cool down the wine pretty well, but that's a kind of trade-off - in this case rich bouquet would be lost.
But hey, that is not a top wine of this winery production! They produce better wines like 'El jardin de las iguales' (which I haven't taste yet... unfortunately 🙂 ) and much more. Even the slope is not the best... And they definitely did everything they could!
Very nice wine.
— 10 days ago

Craggy Range

Les Beaux Cailloux Chardonnay 2009

One of the best Chardonnay I have had. 11 years old but so so youthful. Balanced, fine, focused and sensational complexity. Hints of wheat, beeswax, white peach and oak, it’s just super composed. Such a pity it’s not made anymore. — 2 months ago

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Trigo Wheat Beer

Lima, Peru — 3 months ago

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Cliff Point

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Great legs and gorgeous color, like wheat mixed with barely perceptible green. Smells lovely, acidic and citrus like Meyer lemon on the nose. Crisp and fresh with a clean finish that I wish would linger a little longer. Great SB for the price! — a month ago

Bonterra Vineyards

California Merlot 2016

Pair with steak & butter wheat baguette & salad , during quarantine days 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 — 2 months ago

Giacomo Brezza & Figli

Langhe Nebbiolo 2018

Bright and fresh Nebbiolo that paired nicely with Marisa’s spicy sausage and whole wheat pasta! — 2 months ago

Marisa Reisman
with Marisa
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Bell's Brewery

Bright White Ale

Nothing wrong with social distancing by the pool with a good Belgian Inspired Wheat beer! — 2 months ago

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A delicious meal! All looks good!🍔🍺

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@Sharon B Cheers ⛱